An Important Notice Regarding TELUS Health eClaims

From time to time, TELUS Health releases a completely new set of software tools that we must integrate into Practice Perfect in order to submit claims. Most of the time, even if you don’t update Practice Perfect, you can still submit claims without issue, even with the older software tools.


However, on May 29 TELUS is switching to a new set of software tools that does not integrate with your current version of Practice Perfect, or so we have been lead to believe. We have an update ready, but the timing is critical.


– If you install the Practice Perfect update prior to May 29, you will not be able to submit TELUS eClaims until May 29.


– If you don’t install the Practice Perfect update by May 29, you will not be able to submit TELUS  eClaims until you perform the update from May 29 onward.


So, reading between the lines, that means that every Practice Perfect EMR/TELUS clinic will need to update their Practice Perfect as close to May 29 as possible.


As the date approaches, we will send out the upgrade link so that any clinic wishing to install the update on their own can do so. For any clinic that either a) we host your data or b) wishes our support team to perform their update, you should contact support as soon as possible to setup a time to do so. Failure to book a time in advance will result in first-come-first-served and we will be deluged with requests, to be sure.


If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact our support department. All upgrade bookings should be done directly through the support department at [email protected].

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