Ransomware: A Real Threat

Ransomware attacks are making headlines more and more. Ransomware will attack a business every 14 seconds by the end of 2019. Ransomware is popular with cybercriminals because it works! It is now a billion-dollar industry and growing.   1) By clicking on

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MIPS in 2019 for Physical Therapists: How to Participate! — Part 1

&   To all our Practice Perfect users: welcome to Patient360!   We are so pleased to be working with all of you under the Practice Perfect/Patient360 partnership to make MIPS reporting as easy as possible for you and your practice!   This is the

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A Topic So Important It Has Its Own Day: March 31 is World Back Up Day

One of the reasons to having this day is to protect against one of your biggest treats, ransomware.   How safe is your data from a ransomware attack?  The statistics are startling:   – By 3rd quarter 2017, a company was hit with ransomware eve

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