To obtain on-screen help at any time, move your mouse pointer to the Help command in the drop-down menu and click once.


Four options will appear in this drop-selection, as follows:


Clicking on About will provide you with version, support and copyright information about the Practice Perfect Practice Management Systems software.


Clicking on Users Guide will load the most recent version of Practice Perfect’s Users’ Guide from the Internet. Once loaded, you can search for any relevant topics you wish or print the Users’ Guide.


Selecting Release notes will open up your default internet browser and take you to the Practice Perfect Software Release Center where you can browse the release notes from Version R436 onward.


Clicking on Most recent newsletter will open up your default internet browser and take you to a webpage featuring the most recent Practice Perfect newsletter.


Choosing Integrated forms update will take you to a webpage where you can download select forms relevant to your clinic’s jurisdiction (i.e. CMS700)


If you have called our support department for assistance, they may require remote access to your computer to solve your problem. As a result, you may be asked to click on Request Remote Assistance from this drop-down menu which will begin the process of allowing our support rep access to your computer.


Selecting ICD10 information will open up your default internet browser and take you to a webpage where you can find more information about the ICD9 to ICD10 conversion process.


If you cannot launch Practice Perfect, you can also initiate remote access by visiting our website at and selecting Contact Us followed by Request a support connection. Remember, this can only be done once you have contacted our support department and they have instructed you to initiate the connection.

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