The same install file is used to install and upgrade both the server and the workstation


The most recent version of Practice Perfect can be downloaded from


If you need an older version of Practice Perfect, please contact support:  [email protected]


Note: If you are upgrading from Practice Perfect Version or earlier, you will require the assistance of our support department. Failure to do so may result in you bening locked out of Practice Perfect. 


Pre-Upgrade Instructions:


1) These instructions may be highly technical, if you are unfamiliar with any of the steps, please contact your internal Technical Support Team/Person.  If you are still unsure, please contact us at [email protected], and we are happy to perform the upgrade for you.


2) If you wish to read the release notes about the latest version, click here. 


3) The upgrade process is dependent on the size of your databases and the processing power of your computer.  Most upgrades take 30 minutes or less, but some can take several hours.  Contact [email protected] if you would like more information.


4) Ensure that all users are logged out of Practice Perfect – failure to do so may result in lost data


5) Stop the service: It will either be INTOUCH or INTOUCH SERVER or INTOUCH SERVER SERVICE--it does not matter which one it is, there will be only one.


6) Make a copy of the DATABASE folder.  The default locations are:


c:\program files (x86)\intouch2\Database


c:\program files\intouch2\Database


7) More information on backups can be found here:


8) Restart the service from step 5.


Once you are confident that you have made a secure backup of this database, proceed to the installation instructions.


Installation instructions:


1) Save the Practice Perfect install file to the local computer 


2) Right-click on the file and choose to 'Run as Administrator'


3) If you are prompted by the User Account Control, you will need to click 'Yes' 


4) Click 'Upgrade' 


5) If you have any reservations, or second thoughts, click 'Cancel' and contact your Technical Support for assistance. Note that it may take more than an hour for the upgrade to finish. 



6) Allow the upgrade to proceed. When complete, a window will appear. Click 'Finish' 


7) Log into Practice Perfect and ensure that everything is working properly 


8) You will now need to upgrade the 'Workstation'. 

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