To report on information pertaining to referral details or, in other words, ‘who is sending you business and how much are they sending you’, Practice Perfect provides you with a series of Referral Reports. These reports can be printed for any time span, a day, a week, a month, whatever is required. You can also produce backdated reports allowing you to compare previous and current periods.


Click on the Reports function from the top-line drop-down menu followed by selecting the Marketing sub-category and then on Referral/Association Report. A box containing all of your report options will appear as follows:



Your first option is the Include Referrals From and To fields. In this case, between what two dates (see below) do you wish to see referred clients and their relevant info.


Which dates are used to calculate referrals? You choose by selecting one of:


  • Show Referrals by Referral Date  (Client/Incident tab)
  • Show Referrals by Contact Date  (Client/Statistics tab)
  • Show Referrals by Assessment Date   (Client/Statistics tab)


Next, in Report Type, you have the choice of producing either a detailed report that lists each client along with a summary or just the summary which shows total only by referral source. To see the details surrounding each referral, click on Show Details and Summary. To see only the totals by referral source, click in Show Summary only.


This report shows the dollar volume of each referral which can be based either on the charges or actual collections for each client. If you want the report to show the charges for each client, regardless of how much has been paid, select the Show details by revenue option. If you would prefer to see collections for each client, regardless of what was billed, select the Show details by collections option. If you want to see what has been collected but want to exclude write-offs and adjustments, click on the Exclude adjustments option, further down into the Details section.


Show family physician will cause the Family Physician for each client, if one exists, to be printed on the report. Show incident physician will cause the Incident Physician, if one exists, to be printed for each client.


Show Financial data will include dollar amounts generated by each referral source, along with a number count. Un-ticking this option will suppress dollar information.


Only show clients without referral source, if selected, will cause the report to only list clients that are missing a referral source.


Show addresses and phone numbers for referral sources will cause the report to include the address and phone # for each referral source.


Next, you can select the relationship you wish to report on in the Base on field. The options are as follows:


  • Referral Source Categories  


If you want the report to show clients related to their Referral Source field, you would select this option. The specific contact categories will also appear on the list, under Referral Source Categories from where you can select a specific contact type to report on.


  • Family Physicians 


If you want the report to show all clients related under each Family Physician, you would select this option.


  • Incident Physicians â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹


Finally, if you want the report to outline which clients belong to which Incident Physicians, this is the option you would select.


Under Contact, you can specify whether or not you want to see this report for ALL of your contacts who are associated with your clients (as indicated above) or for one specific contact. Again, either select <All Referrals> or drop-down to the Contact of your choice.


Under Client Kind you can select to print the report New Clients only (those without a previous incident), Returned Clients only (those with a previous incident) or <All Client Kinds> which reports on all new incidents regardless.


You can have the Referral report reflect only clients that fall under a specific Division as discussed in Chapter 1. For example, depending upon how your Divisions were set up, you might want to run a Referral report for only Workers Comp patients. To print the report for ALL divisions, select <All Divisions> in the Division field. To select a specific Division, use the drop-down list and select the Division in question.


Finally, select to print the report for <All locations> in the Location field or specify a specific location. Please note that this report is based on the Service Location.


Once you have entered your report criteria, you can select to either Print, Preview or Cancel the report.

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