There are several pieces of information that you will need to know in order to setup the Practice Perfect system prior to putting it to practical use. Included is information ranging from the location of your clinic and the list of your treatment providers, to the services your facility offers and accounting information.


The information that you will need to compile is as follows:

Your Clinic(s)

- Your Full Business Name as it should appear on all invoices and other correspondence

- Address, Phone #, Fax #

- Company logo in .BMP file format (if available)

- Taxation Business #

Sales Taxes

- Sales tax information and rates for your province/state and federally

Payment Methods

The methods by which your clinic accepts payment (eg; Cash, Check, Visa, etc.)

- You will also need to know your General Ledger debit account #’s for each payment method

Accounting Setup

The following General Ledger account #’s will be required:

- Accounts Receivable

- Deposit accounts (eg; Bank)

- Sales Tax Payable

- All revenue and bad-debt/write-off accounts

Treatment Providers

The following information will be required for each of your treatment providers:

- Name

- Designations (eg; Physiotherapist and/or degrees)

- Home and work phone numbers

- Address

- Home and work email

- Registration numbers (for all payors)

Products & Services

The following information will be required for each of the products and services that your practice offers:

- Service/Product Description

- Service/Product Pricing and pricing policies (fixed price, variable price, etc.)

- Service/Product General Ledger Revenue Account numbers

- Federal and State/Provincial Sales Tax applicability

- Recommended service duration (in minutes)

Statistics relating to Injuries

Either a pick list of the ICD-9 or ICD-10 coding system will be provided upon installation, depending upon your jurisdiction. You can add or subtract from our suggested list as required.

You can also supply Body Parts and Nature of Injury Codes if you wish, but they are generally not required for billing purposes.


Divisions allow you to ‘categorize’ your patients for reporting purposes (eg; MVAs, Private’s, Workers Comp’s). Consider how you might want your reports and client lists broken down.


Modifiers are codes used to ‘explain’ or justify certain services and only apply to certain jurisdictions and invoice styles. Please have this information, if required.

Service Locations


Some jurisdictions require a coding system to be used to indicate where a service took place (eg; 11 is ‘In Office’ for the American HCFA form). Check your regional settings portion of the Users’ Guide for more information about this.

Discharge Statuses


When clients are discharged, you have the ability to classify them as to the nature of their discharge (eg: Treatment Completed, Funding Expired, Self-Discharge, etc). Practice Perfect comes pre-loaded with some suggestions for codes that you may wish to use.

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