Mental Health EMR

Your all-in-one mental health practice management software, featuring the EMR requirements for mental health providers.


Patient Profile

As a mental health professional, it’s important that you keep all your patients’ information and documentation as secure and organized as possible. Get the right mental health practice management software for your clinic and keep track of your patient’s progress so you can spend more time with them and less time organizing session notes and documents.

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SOAP Notes For Therapy & Counselling

Monitor patient progress with all of the EMR requirements for mental health providers, including documentation for psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors, therapists, and other mental health professionals.

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Online Therapy Sessions

Sometimes seeing your patients face-to-face isn’t an option. With Telehealth by Insig Health, you can host your therapy sessions online, ensuring that your patients get the support they need, wherever and whenever they need it. Insig Health is both HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant.

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Integrated Client Billing

Whether it’s an insurance claim or cash-based therapy, we’ve got you covered. With our fully integrated billing software, you won’t need to stress about processing payments. Practice Perfect takes care of all your billing needs in one convenient place.

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Grow Your Practice

Stay in touch with the business side of things with thorough financial, productivity, and marketing reporting. From revenue analysis and end-of-day balancing to tracking referral sources and patient retention, our reports provide key decision makers with the data they need to ensure the continued growth of their mental health therapy practice.

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