Occupational Therapy EMR

Running an occupational therapy practice is hard work—but we can help you with that. Streamline your practice’s billing, scheduling, clinical documentation and reporting tasks with software made for occupational therapists.


Patient Profile

Create a complete picture of your patients by accurately tracking your patients’ demographic information, insurance coverage, treatment plans, appointment history, and outcomes in a clear and concise manner.

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Easily avoid schedule clashes, overlapping appointments, and double bookings using our intuitive scheduling system. Identify key information about each appointment, like whether you have to collect payment from the patient, from within one view.

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Billing & Administration

As an occupational therapist, you want to be able to channel all your energy towards treating your patients’ occupational problems. By tracking your patients’ remaining coverage, reminding staff to collect payments, automatically entering treatment or service charges, and directly integrating with insurance carriers, you’re making it easier to focus on them all while growing your business.

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Occupational Therapy Notes & Advanced Documentation

Keep detailed notes on every treatment session with advanced documentation for occupational therapists. From carrying forward previous progress notes to creating customizable evaluation templates and tracking treatment goals, Practice Perfect makes your documentation processes a breeze.

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Grow Your Occupational Therapy Practice

Maintain the growth of your occupational therapy practice with a strong selection of financial, productivity, and marketing reports. Highlight areas of improvement and realize the potential of your business..

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Learn why Practice Perfect is the top occupational therapy software

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