Speech Language Pathology EMR

While you help your patients with their words, we’ll help you grow your practice. Our speech language pathology practice management software provides you with the billing, appointment scheduling, clinical documentation and reporting tools to do just that.


Patient Profile

As a Speech Language Pathologist, easy access to your patients’ demographic information, insurance coverage, treatment plans, appointment history, and outcomes is part of a growing practice.

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Understand your day at a glance. Our customizable scheduling system allows you to book pediatric therapy appointments by therapist, by room, or by equipment. See key details about each appointment such as whether it’s an evaluation or a follow-up, and if you need to collect a co-pay.

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Billing & Administration

A simpler way to manage your speech language pathology clinic’s billing and administration tasks. Stay on top of your patients’ remaining coverage, remind staff to collect payments, and automatically enter treatment or service charges, all while directly integrating with most major insurance carriers.

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Speech Language Pathology Notes & Advanced Documentation

Streamline your clinical notes and documentation by creating customizable evaluation templates, automatically carrying forward progress notes, and updating treatment goals on the fly. Documentation that’s built around you, and not the other way around.

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Grow Your Speech Language Pathology Practice

Watch your business flourish with the help of financial, productivity, and marketing reports. From revenue analysis and end-of-day balancing to tracking referral sources and patient retention, our reports provide key decision makers with the data they need to ensure the continued growth of their speech language pathology practice.

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