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Released on 2020-05-28

About This Release

We are pleased to announce the official release of Practice Perfect EMR + Management Software Version Please review the attached list of new features & benefits carefully.


Key update notes:

  • Data backups must always be performed before installing an update.
  • This update includes substantial changes to the client self-booking portal. If you are already using the old client portal, it will be disabled until you have setup the new portal. Instructions for this can be found at: https://practiceperfectemr.com/learningcenter/categories/view/36
  • Updates can take time to complete - be patient and plan accordingly - NEVER interrupt an update even if the system appears to be non-responsive, especially if updating from a version prior to R516.
  • Please contact our support department for assistance if you are all unsure of this process, via email to support@practiceperfectemr.com or via phone at (877) 510-7473.


Thanks again for your continued support!

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Patient Portal

NEW Patient Portal!

A brand-new client self-booking portal has been implemented in Practice Perfect! Both new and existing clients can now select the services and clinicians they wish to see and pick an appointment time. New patients can also register themselves directly into Practice Perfect and acknowledge all of your terms and conditions.

Please note, the moment this new update is installed, the old portal will no longer function until the new portal has been setup. To do so, please visit the following site for more instructions:





Client Listing:

The Client Listing listing will now also display each client's middle name if it is their Preferred name. Furthermore, you can now search for a client by their middle name in the same manner as you would their first name. For example, to search for client's with the nickname 'Scooter', you would enter ",Scooter" in the search bar.


Client Listing:

Should you alter a Client's name, Incident Description or re-define which is the default incident, these will all now be updated immediately in the Client Listing instead of having to logout and login, once again.


Find Appointments:

Incident Description and Fee Code have been added to the Find Appointments search results for each appointment.


Client Profile (American version):

Physician NPI #'s were appearing containing dashes on this report, this has been corrected.


Revenue Report:

Fee Package has been added as a filter on this report. Please note that this does not need mean only occurences of the Fee Package will be reported, but instead all Fee Codes within that package will be reported. This basically allows for groups of Fee Codes to be reported together.


Revenue Report:

This report will now also export the Treatment Location Code for each reported service. This is the code that reports where the service occured, eg; '11 - In Clinic' - that is used in certain jurisdictions.


NEW Visit countdown:

In the last update, a new option was added to have visit counts based on Attended, Completed (or Late) appointments to be reflect in the coverage information in the blue header section of each client.

To select this new way of monitoring visits, drop-down under Settings to Customize Accounting and select the new Visit count based on Attended/Completed/Late appointments option.

This will now count down against ALL payors on-file and not just the first in-line.



Submission/Remittance History:

The Submission and Remittance history can now be viewed for ANY electronically filed service (eg EDI837, HCAI).

To do so, start by first visiting the Activity by Service screen for the client in-question, locate the specific service and expand (+) that service. Highlight the specific payor line in-question. Once highlighted, right-click and select Submission and Remittance History and all of the relevant details will be displayed.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Customized Documents:

There was an issue with the bring-forward fields in the Customized Documents related to Daily Note Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan. These fields would be copied in to the document, no issue, but would then not print, if required. This has been corrected.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Customized Document Blank Sections:

The title Labels for sections of a document were being printed even if the section itself did not contain any data - this has been corrected and labels will no longer be printed for empty sections.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Canned Discharge Summary:

The Therapist signature date was not being retained (an error from a recent update), this has been corrected.

General & Setup


  • A loophope existed in which the same Teletherapy appointment could be sent to Insig Health twice - this loophole has been closed.
  • A new tick box has been added to the Fee Code detail screen called Teletherapy and is used to indicate if that particular service is a teletherapy service - or not - it is unticked by default. This will be used in future releases for a number of purposes from reporting to client self-booking.

Canadian Billing Specific

HCAI update:

Updates have been made to the HCAI integration to accomodate HCAI Release R3.23, effective June 1st, 2020.

General & Setup

FOTO Integration (American only):

The FOTO integration has been updated to support TLS 1.2, as per FOTO security requirements.

US Billing Specific

EDI837 Update:

  • A new option entitled Exclude loop 2310C (Box 32) Service Facility Location information has been added to the Payor, EDI Preferences tab at the the request of specific payors.
  • The Line Control Number (all internal) will now be stored as each claim's internal reference number to allow for better payment match-up during EDI835 processing.