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Released on 2020-07-12

About This Release

We are pleased to announce the official release of Practice Perfect EMR + Management Software Version Please review the attached list of new features & benefits carefully.


Key update notes:

  • Data backups must always be performed before installing an update.
  • This update includes substantial changes to the client self-booking portal. If you are already using the old client portal, it will be disabled until you have setup the new portal. Instructions for this can be found at: https://practiceperfectemr.com/learningcenter/categories/view/36
  • Updates can take time to complete - be patient and plan accordingly - NEVER interrupt an update even if the system appears to be non-responsive, especially if updating from a version prior to R516.
  • Please contact our support department for assistance if you are all unsure of this process, via email to support@practiceperfectemr.com or via phone at (877) 510-7473.


Thanks again for your continued support!

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Placing Clients "On Hold":

A new field has been added to Clients in the Demographics tab entitled Client On-Hold and should be used to indicate if a client should not be seen, for any reason. If selected, a bold-Red note will appear in the Blue Header section along the top of the screen whenever that client is selected.

General & Setup


Items in the Deleted listing can now be sorted by either Description or Deleted On by clicking on the specific column heading.

General & Setup


The Company Name field was showing duplicates in the drop-down listing, this has been corrected.

General & Setup


A new field entitled Time Created has been added to the Reminder Listing to indicate when the reminder was initially added.


Find Appointmentst:

The Telehealth flag was not appearing properly in the exported version of this report - this has been corrected.


Multi-Client Invoice Style:

A 'singleton' error would sometimes appear when producing this invoice style - this has been corrected.


Billing Sheets:

A new option entitled Include Client Email addresses has been added to this report.


Funding Report:

The report ranges for Dollars, Visits and Units remaining may also now include negative numbers.


Resouce Day-at-a-Glance:

A new option entitled Include Client Email addresses has been added to this report.

Also, a possible 'string conversion' error has been fixed on this report.


NEW Invoice Summary report:

A new report has been added allowing for a more concise listnig of invoices issued, along the service date ranges contained on those invoices.


Provider Performance Summary:

A bug in which a Provider's Revenue per Hour was being carried forward to the next Provider on the list (if that provider had no activity), has been corrected.


Payment Journal:

A new option has been added to this report entitled Show user and timestamp for deleted payments.


Payment Application report:

Correct a potential formatting issue in the Division Summary section of this report.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Customized Documents:

  • Correct an issue in which a field containing data, but without any caption was not shown when the entire section was being excluded for seemingly containing no information.
  • Correct an issue in which a field was not displayed with the correct bold, italic and underline properties if the field does not contain a caption.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Daily Note/Scheduling/Service Entry time cross-check:

A new option, found under Settings, Customize Progress Notes/Documentation, called Enable time cross-checking has been added.

If selected:

  • If the individual Durations on each section of the SOAP note (if entered) do not total and match the Treatment Duration of that SOAP note, the user will be warned accordingly.
  • If the individual Goals Mins (if entered) do not total and match the Treatment Duration of that SOAP note, the user will be warned accordingly.
  • If the Service Durations (if entered) do not total and match the Treatment Duration of that SOAP note, the user will be warned accordingly.


Patient Portal

Booking for Teletherapy:

If a Provider is only available for Teletherapy services on a given day-of-the-week and exclusively sees Teletherapy patients on those days,  this can be indicated using a new tickbox under the Teletherapy column on each Provider's Scheduled Provider entry. If selected, days tagged as being for Teletherapy will only allow Teletherapy visits to be booked on those days, and no other days of the week.

Patient Portal

Special Shifts:

Special Shifts were sometimes not being respected by the new Client booking portal - this has been corrected.

Web Version

FOTO Integration (US only):

Client's can now be sent to FOTO directly from the web version of Practice Perfect using the FOTO  icon, in the same manner as on the desktop version.

Web Version

Find Clients:

  • Client's can now be located using File #, Phone # and Birthday from the Client Listing by entering the search information into the respective column header.
  • Client's can now also be located by their Email address, Invoice #, Health # (Canadian) Claim #, Policy # or ID # by using the Search   icon from the Client Listing.

Web Version

Document Uploading:

Some speed enhancements have been made to the uploading of documents and attachments.

Web Version


An issue in which the Activities by Document was not necessarily respecting the Self security settting has been corrrected.

US Billing Specific

Patient 360/MIPS integration:

MIPS measures #126, 137, 134 and 181 have been added to the integration with the Patient 360 registry.

US Billing Specific

HCFA Box 32:

A new option entitled Exclude Box 32 always has been added to each Payor record under the HCFA Preferences tab, and should only be used under special circumstances as dictated by the Payor or Clearinghouse.

A similar option entitled Exclude Loop 2310C (Box 32) also appears under the EDI Preferences tab within each Payor.

Canadian Billing Specific

Ontario Ministry of Health/OHIP Billing:

  • A 'Reference number conversion error' that occurred on occasion has been corrected.
  • Fee Codes indicated as being Teletherapy will now trigger "OTN" to be included in the OHIP electronic invoice file header at character position 59, if any services for that client within that claim involve Teletherapy.

Canadian Billing Specific

Telus Health claims:

  • The Telus claims submission has been updated to ths most recent version, POS v7.40 (5/31/2020)
  • Blank spaces contained at the end of Facility Numbers were causing claims to be rejected - these spaces will now automatically be ignored during the submission process.

Wired Client

Unlinking Practice Perfect Clients:

You can now remove the link between a client in Practice Perfect and in Wired Client by flagging the clients-in-question from the Client Listing in Practice Perfect, then clicking on Actions and selecting Disconnect client(s) from Wired Client. The client will remain in place on both applications, but will no longer be connected.

Wired Client

Next Appointments:

Instead of only the client's next Appointment being sent to Wired Client, the client's next three appointments will now be sent to Wired Client, and processed accordingly.

This will be exceedingly helpful for appointment reminders when the client a) may have more than one appointment on a given date and b) has appoinments on consecutive days where reminders are being sent several days in advance of each appointment.