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Released on 2020-10-24

About This Release

We are pleased to announce the official release of Practice Perfect EMR + Management Software Version Please review the attached list of new features & benefits carefully.

This also includes release notes for Version


Key update notes:

  • Data backups must always be performed before installing an update.
  • This update includes substantial changes to the client self-booking portal. If you are already using the old client portal, it will be disabled until you have setup the new portal. Instructions for this can be found at: https://practiceperfectemr.com/learningcenter/categories/view/36
  • Updates can take time to complete - be patient and plan accordingly - NEVER interrupt an update even if the system appears to be non-responsive, especially if updating from a version prior to R516.
  • Please contact our support department for assistance if you are all unsure of this process, via email to support@practiceperfectemr.com or via phone at (877) 510-7473.


Thanks again for your continued support!

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General & Setup

Password Renewal:

There were issues with creating new user passwords once a password had expired, this has been corrected.


Payor Generic Invoices with Multi-Client formats:

These invoice styles can now be emailed as well as printed.


Daily Reconciliation report:

A new option exists in this report entitled Enable time checking. If selected, a new section will print at the bottom of the report outlining any discrepancies between scheduled time for arrived, completed and late appointments and actual billed durations.


Invoice Summary Report:

This report will now show only one line per invoice, even if issued to multiple clients (under one payor) and will sub-total invoices by payor.


Payment Application report:

Large total amounts were being truncated due to space issues, this has been corrected.


Provider Performance Summary:

An error would occur when running this report if the security option Show Financial data was disabled for the report for the specific user - this has been corrected.


Auto Write-Off during invoicing:

Some additional tweaks have been made to this function to take into account the correct predictive amount when transferring balances.

Web Version

Client Incident Treatment Plan tab:

This tab has now been update to mimic the desktop version of Practice Perfect, showing underages and overages on each line of the Treatment Plan tab.


Wired Client

Icon in Appointment Cell:

There had been some reported issues of the Wired Client icon no longer showing within appointment cells, this has been corrected.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Billing/Documentation Provider matching:

A new option has been added under Settings, Customize Progress Notes/Documentation, entitled Enable provider matching. If selected, when charges are entered from within Daily Notes, the user will be halted if the Provider/Co-Provider on the note do NOT match the Billing/Treating Providers on the actual charges that are entered.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Time Cross-Checking:

Several changes have been made to the Enable Time Cross-Checking option under Settings, Customize Progress Notes/Documentation, as follows:

  • Goal Durations will no longer be matched against the Objective Duration for the day.
  • All warnings for time not matching have been changed to halts.
  • A warning will now appear if the scheduled In/Out time does not match the daily note Time in and/or Time Out.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Calculate Duration Automatically:

This option, under Settings, Customize Progress Notes/Documentation, has been changed to a global setting and is no longer user-based.


Billing Rule Visit Countdown:

If the option to countdown the allowed Billing Rule visits based on the actual attendance of the appointment on the scheduler is selected, then only appointments that have been Completed will now be counted against the allowable amount. Arrived and Late apointments will no longer count as a visit towards the maximum.

Patient Portal

Upcoming and Previous Appointments:

The dates for appointments for ALL Incidents, not just the current Incident, will now be provided to your client when looking at upcoming and previous appointment lists.


Client Listing report:

This exported version of this report now includes the new Client On-Hold field.


Disallowed Fee Code by Payor:

Under each Fee Code, in the Payor Rates tab, if the Fee is Allowed field is unticked, this will prevent that fee code from being billed to that Payor. There were several loop holes here and a 'locking' issue that have been corrected enabling this feature to now work correctly.


Special Shifts:

The ability to have a Special Shift's End Time be prior to it Start Time has been removed.


NEW Virtual Treatment messaging for Appointment Reminders:

A new field has been added to each Provider entitled Virtual Treatment link, which would contain that Provider's unique (and constant) link for virtual appointments (eg; their 'usual' Zoom link, etc).

Under Settings, Customize Email Appointment/Invoice notification, a new tick-box has been added entitled Include Virtual Appointment Link. If selected, the link entered for that Provider will be included with all outgoing email appointment reminders.

Canadian Billing Specific

Telus Updates:

  • Leading Zeroes are now supported in the Group Health Carrier ID field
  • The new insurer "D.A. Townley" has been added (as of September 27th, 2020)
  • Indication of treatment provided at home and virtually are now being supported (as of October 18th, 2020)
  • New service code "TEL999001" has been added (as of October 18th, 2020)
  • The new insurer "RWAM" has been added (as of November 15th, 2020)
  • Corrected a bug that printed an empty submission report when "Suppress Submission report" as selected
  • Corrected a bug that sends "CPR Organization ID" instead of "Work Location ID"
  • Corrected a bug to save Request/Reponse files in the correct folder