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Released on 2021-04-01

About This Release

Welcome to Practice Perfect 3.0!


With this new release comes a major appearance change and a completely different internal engine that will provide for greater speed, flexbility and the handling of special characters and fonts in clinical documentation.

Due to the nature of the changes, if coming from a version prior to 560, this update must be installed by one of our support representatives and can take a substantial amount of time. Please contact us at support@practiceperfectemr.com or via phone at (877) 510-7473.

Thank you.


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General & Setup

Client Captions:

A bug in which the Client Name, and associated information, did not always appear at the top of the Practice Perfect panel after changing screens has been corrected.

General & Setup

Activity Logging:

Enhanced activity logging has been added to Practice Perfect. Internally, logins, both failed and otherwise, the viewing/printing of all reports and the viewing/printing/chaging of clincial records/documents is now all being logged, by default. Access to this information is presently only available through our support department, but ultimately users will be able to pull this information themselves.


Flagging by Division:

Flagging clients by Division from the Client Listing was not working properly, this has been corrected.


Find Appointments export:

The Find Appointments export now includes the Incident Description, Home and Work Emails for the client.


Client & Payor Generic Invoice/Receipt:

Showing the Balance Forward and new Total Balance can be disabled on these invoice formats (if you wish to simply show charges and payments) by unticking the Show balance information tick box in both the Client Invoice/Receipt and Payor Invoice/Receipt settings panels.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Daily Note entry:

  • When entering a new Daily Note, the cursor would focus on Provider initially instead of the first section of the daily note itself - this has been corrected.
  • When entering a Body Map on a daily note, the changes, while stored internally, may not have appeared on the daily note when retrieved or printed - this has been corrected.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Customized Documents:

  • Family Physician's Fax # has been added as a field option when customizing documents.
  • Commas may now be entered as part of a customized Table's first column field - this was previously not permitted.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Printing of Clinical Documents:

The report filter and settings options used for printing clinical documents will now be retained after each use, based on the specific user.


Accounts Receivable report:

  • A bug involving showing 'Grand Total' repeatedly without client info has been corrected.
  • A bug in which Payor Credits appeared under Clients has been corrected.
  • A bug in which Grand Totals were not displayed correctly when the Show Payment History option was selected has been corrected.


Client Listing export:

The exported version of the Client Listing Report now includes the Incident Treatment Location and at Home flag.


Documents On-File report:

The Document Type filter now has a <No category> option which will report on any documents that do not have any category indicated.


General Ledger Summary report:

There was a performance issue when producing this report using the By date of entry option - this has been corrected.


Operations Summary:

The Average Percentage for ALL cancelled and no-show appointments has been added back into this report, it was removed inadvertently.


Payor Revenue Trend report:

A new option has been added to this report entitled Show Revenue/Collection by Visit. If selected, the average revenue generated per visit will be reported.


Referral/Association Report:

  • A new option entitled Based on Initial Conact Date only will report on the referral/revenue/visits for those clients whose initial Contact Date falls within the specified date range. In other words, how much revenue did we generate only for NEW patients with an initial Contact Date that falls within the range (and all of their subsequent incidents) and not returning clients who joined initially outside of the date range.
  • A summary of # of Visits was also added to this report


Resource Week-at-a-Glance report:

Previously, day 7 of the week, if appropriate, would appear on its own page - now all 7 days will fit onto one page.


Task Status report:

An Export option as been added to this report.


Unbilled Services report:

  • A performance issue with this report has been corrected.
  • Each service's Location Code (eg; 11 - In Office) has been added to this report, as well.


Unpaid Services report:

A performance issue with this report has been corrected.

Patient Portal

Multiple Incidents:

The client booking portal is undergoing changes to accomodate those patients with multiple incidents. The first step in this process was to add new field called Web Description in the Incident tab under Incident Description. This field is to be used as the 'client facing' description of each incident in a language that will be meaningful to the client (eg; internally, the Incident Description may be "WAD II" but the Web Description could be "April car accident". The option to select the incident will be included in the patient portal within the coming months.

Patient Portal

Defining Service Start time:

Under each Fee Code in the Patient Self-Booking tab, a new field has been added entitled Web Start Interval. This field allows you to define when this specific service can be offered - eg; 0:00 only, 0:00 and 0:30 only, etc (where 0:00 would be the top of any hour, etc). This function has not yet been enabled on the portal but will be immimently.


Canadian Billing Specific

Telus Health:

The most up-to-date Telus specifications are included in this update - POS 7.4 and 8.2 changes - any prior errors received are addressed.

US Billing Specific

EDI835 ERA Processing:

  • Different payors are now allowed within a BPR section.
  • Same REF*6Rs weren't grouped together - this has been corrected.
  • Additional checks have been put in place to reduce the number of Unidentified Claims and handle payments from secondaru payors more predicely.
  • ERA Processing to handle 150/151 segments (service start and end dates).

US Billing Specific

EDI837 5010 Processing:

Adjudicated segments will be merged for transferred services.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Customized Documents:

An issue surrounding the on-screen font size having to do with Windows DPI settings on customized documents has been corrected.

Web Version

Side Bar:

The Next Appointment Date and # of Future Visits was not being displayed in the Side Bar, this has been corrected.


Revenue Report:

The Provider Summary Only option on this report, which reports only on Provider Totals, was not showing the Providers in alphabetic order, this has been corrected.


General Ledger Summary Report:

The Summary version of this report was excluding sales taxes, a bug introduced recently, which caused the report to not balance. This has been corrected.