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Released on 2021-05-04

About This Release

Welcome to Practice Perfect 3.0!


With this new release comes a major appearance change and a completely different internal engine that will provide for greater speed, flexbility and the handling of special characters and fonts in clinical documentation.

Due to the nature of the changes, if coming from a version prior to 560, this update must be installed by one of our support representatives and can take a substantial amount of time. Please contact us at support@practiceperfectemr.com or via phone at (877) 510-7473.

Thank you.


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General & Setup

Connectivity Speed:

There was a bug introduced in version R571 that affected connectivity and operating speed - this has been corrected with this release.

General & Setup

Daily Note Security:

A loophole in which users could 'page' between Daily Progress Notes that they may not have been authorized to view (but for a client they were authorized to view) from the Actvities by Progress Note listing has been closed.

General & Setup

Workstation Licensing:

Under Help, About, the wrong number of concurrent licenses was being displayed, a bug introduced during a recent release - which has now been corrected.


Discharging Clients:

When discharging a client, the questions involving deleting all future appointments and restricting further contact were accidentally removed in a recent release, they have been reinstated.


Fee Code drop-down lists:

Wherever the list of Fee Codes appears, primarily on charge entry, the display order of the fees will now be alphabetically by Fee Code and then sub-sorted alphabetically by Fee Description where the Fee Codes have been duplicated.


Client Listing report:

A new option entitled Include the Referral Source has been added to this report.


Referral/Association Report:

File #, Bithdate and First Appointment Date fields have all been added to this report.


Revenue Report:

The exported version of this report was showing the Employee # field twice. One of these was a mislabeled field and has been corrected.


Client Missing Fields report:

Two new fields have been added to the setup of the Client Missing Fields Report, File # and Client Guardian. Under Contacts, Divisions, these fields can now be added to the report criteria using the Required Fields icon.


Find Appointments:

Home Phone, Work Phone and Other Phone have been added to the exported version of this report.


Scheduling New Client:

When creating a new client directly from the scheudler using the Add Client  icon, that new client would not appear in the blue header automatically - this recently introduced bug has been corrected.



A recent bug caused the Client Name in the blue header to change when switching between multiple and single scheduling resource views - this has been corrected.

Canadian Billing Specific

Telus Claim Submissions:

A 'deadlock' error would sometimes occur when multiple users were submitting Telus claims simultaenously - this has been corrected.

US Billing Specific

Waystar integration:

The first step in our direct integration with the Waystar Clearinghouse was the addition of seven new SFTP settings under each the setup for each clearinghouse in the Settings, EDI837 Invoice Settings, Clearinghouse tab. The integration will be completed in our next release.

Patient Portal

Customized Messages:

A new message will now appear on the client booking screen to encourage clients to make further contact if they cannot find a suitable appointment. This message can be set up under Settings, Customize Web Client Portal in the Further Contact Message field.

The confirmation message that appears once an appointment has been booked can now be defined. This message can be setup under Settings, Customize Web Client Portal in the Confirmation Message field.

Patient Portal

Available Appointments:

When a client selects a service and provider for booking, the client portal will now automatically jump to the first available date instead of the client having to scroll through unavailable dates.

Patient Portal

Provider Booking Restrictions:

Under each client's incident, you can now define whether or not the client is allowed to book with a Provider other than their Managing Provider. This setting can be found under each Incident under the Web Portal tab and is entitled Can book with other than the Managing Provider. If unticked, only the Managing Provider will appear during online booking.


Patient Portal

Fee Code Booking Intervals:

The option to now force a specific Fee to only be booked at a specific interval during the hour has been added to the client portal. For example, if you only want Assessments to be booked at the top-of-the-hour, this can be now be defined. This new option exists under each Fee Code in the Patient Self-Booking tab and is entitled Web Start Interval. In this field, you can define the allowable start time for that Fee Code.

Patient Portal

Multiple Incidents:

For those clients with multiple active (undischarged) Incidents, the client will now be prompted to select which Incident should be used for their booking once they have logged in to the portal. All the rules for that specific Incident will apply (such as Usual Fee Code, Managing Provider, etc).

Patient Portal

Patient Registration:

The user can now select which 'parts' of patient registration to enable. For example, if the Insurance or Terms & Conditions portions are not required, they can now be disabled.

These new settings can be found under Settings, Customize Web Client Portal, under Clients can enter insurance information during registration and Clients can review Terms & Conditions during registration.

Web Version

Scheduler Appointment Moves:

The option to have an appointment move confirmed after dragging/dropping will now be respected on the web version of the Scheduler.

General & Setup

Auto Log-Off:

Introduced in an earlier release, when Windows is placed into a LOCKED mode, a forced logout was occuring in Practice Perfect - this has been corrected.


Patient Fall-Off report:

This report now includes the Status (eg; Cancelled, No Show, Completed, etc) of the last booked appointment for each client appearing on the report.

US Billing Specific

EDI Preferences:

Two new options have been added to the EDI Preferences to accomodate recent Workers Compensation submission requirements, as follows:

Loop2010CA: Include patient identifier (SSN). If selected, the patient's Social Security Number will be included in the electronic claim in Loop2010CA.

Loop 2010BA/2010CA: Include claim number. If selected, the Claim # from the patient's Billing Rules will be included in the electronic claim in the appropriate loop(s).