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Released on 2021-06-14

About This Release

Welcome to Practice Perfect 3.0!


With this new release comes a major appearance change and a completely different internal engine that will provide for greater speed, flexbility and the handling of special characters and fonts in clinical documentation.

Due to the nature of the changes, if coming from a version prior to 560, this update must be installed by one of our support representatives and can take a substantial amount of time. Please contact us at support@practiceperfectemr.com or via phone at (877) 510-7473.

Thank you.


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General & Setup

Random Access Violation Errors:

For those receive seemingly random Access Violation errors, their cause has been idenfitied and corrected with this release.


Client Listing:

When searching for a Client's first name or last name from the Client Listing panel, the Guardians will now also be searched. If a Guardian match is found, that client will be highlighted.


Client Listing:

When right-clicking on a client's name from the Client Listing panel, the drop-down menu was appearing twice, this has been corrected.


NEW Copying/Pasting of Client!

To add a brand new client and copy over the basic address and contact information from an existing client, the user can now select the client they wish to copy/paste from, right-click and hover over the first listed line, which will say "(patient's name) account". On the drop-down list that appears to the right, select Copy & Paste and new client will be created using the existing client's basic information.


NEW Preferred Pronoun field:

A new field, entitled Preferred Pronoun, has been added under the Gender field on the Client's Demographics tab. With the next release, this Preferred Pronoun, if entered, will appear next to the Client's Name in the blue header.

General & Setup


There were issues reported involving Reminders that were not popping-up when indicated on Windows 7 computers, this has been corrected.

General & Setup

Fee Setup:

A new field entitled Payroll Type has been added to the Fee Detail screen. This field is for future use.

General & Setup

Auto Log-Off:

Several changes to how the auto log-off feature works have been made over the past several releases. Specifically, a computer going into sleep mode was forcing the auto log-off to occur incorrectly, along with some other unwated behaviour. Auto log-off was not working if a user logged off but did not exit the application and then logged back in. These have all been addressed with this release.


Invoice Journal:

The Invoice Journal now inludes a Summary by Fee Type at the end of the report.


Revenue Report:

The exported version of this report now includes the initial Invoice # for each specific service, the initial Invoice Date and total amount paid-to-date on each service.



The Client Listing in the blue header was not being refreshed when the user selected a different location (unless the Show Clients from All Locations option was selected). This has been corrected.


Mass Cancellations:

Mass Cancellations can now be performed from the Find Appointments function. Search for the appointments that need to be cancelled using any criteria, flag the appointments in-question and then select the Cancel  icon. You will be asked for the Cancellation Note which will be applied to all of the selected appointments.


Payor Activities by Invoice:

A new option entitled Show Claim # on Activities by Invoice has been added under Settings, Accounting. If selected, each Client's Claim # will appear next to each invoice on the Payor Activities by Invoice panel. The ability to search this panel by Claim # will be forthcoming in a future release.


Payor Generic Invoices & Invoice/Receipts:

A new option entitled Include Treatment Office Location has been added to the settings options for both of these invoice styles. If selected, the Invoice and/or Invoice/Receipt will include the Incident Service Office for that client/incident in the Patient Information section of the invoice.

Clinical Documentation/EMR

Daily Time in and Time Out:

A new option entitled Time In/Out Required on Daily Notes has been added under Settings, Customize Progress Notes/Documentation. If selected, a Daily Note will not allowed to be Completed and Signed without a Time in and Time out provided.

Patient Portal

Client Self-Booking Fee Ordering:

The user can now select the order in which Fees and Services appear on the client portal for self-booking.

Under Settings, Customize Web Client Portal, under a tab called Fee Code Order, users may now alter the order in which the Fees and Services appear using the Up and Down  icons.

Canadian Billing Specific

Telus Health:

The Telus eClaims 8.3 update is included with this release.

Canadian Billing Specific


When exporting these invoices for upload, the default directory indicated was not being respected and required modification with each export.