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Released on 2021-06-28

About This Release

Welcome to Practice Perfect 3.0!


With this new release comes a major appearance change and a completely different internal engine that will provide for greater speed, flexbility and the handling of special characters and fonts in clinical documentation.

Due to the nature of the changes, if coming from a version prior to 560, this update must be installed by one of our support representatives and can take a substantial amount of time. Please contact us at support@practiceperfectemr.com or via phone at (877) 510-7473.

Thank you.


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Preferred Pronoun:

The new Preferred Pronoun field, if entered (introduced in the last update), will now appear, highlighted, in the header section when that client has been selected.


Automatic File #:

A recent bug in which a Client's new, automatically-assigned File # did not appear until leaving and returning to that client has been corrected.


Search by Guardian:

In the last update, the ability to search by Guardian was introduced. Unfortuately, most users did not enjoy the methodology. As a result, Find Client by Guardian can now be found under Actions while in the Client Listing and has been removed from Search Bar in the Client Listing.


Treatment Plan countdown:

The # of Visits remaining in the Treatment Plan tab will now respect the Visit Countdown based on Completed Appointments setting found under Settings, Customize Accounting.

Clinical Documentation/EMR


There has been some confusion as to under what circumstances the Goal   icon appears next to each Daily Note on the Activities by Progress Note listing. With this update, the Goal   icon will only be shown if the user visited or changed the Goals & Tests screen for that date. If the Goal & Tests page was not touched, the icon will not be shown - moving forward.


Compensation Report:

This report was 'broken' with in the previous release - this has been corrected.


Client Listing:

The exported version of this report will now include a column indicating whether or not each client has been linked with The Wired Client, our automated texting campaign service.

US Billing Specific

Waystar Clearinghouse integration:

The first phase of our integration with Waystar has been completed! Claims may now be submitted directly to Waystar without having to create and upload a claim file. Please contact us for more information.

Web Version

Activities by Document:

All of the functionality of the Activities by Document currently available under each Client have been added to Payors, Physicians and Other Contacts on our web version.

Canadian Billing Specific

HCAI Version 3.25:

This update includes the most recent mandated HCAI drivers/integration effective June 28th, 2021.