8 Tips for Marketing Your SLP Clinic on the Internet

As the owner or manager of a speech language pathology (SLP) clinic, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about how you can help your therapists fill their calendars. Conventional wisdom dictates that the more patients you treat, the more money your clinic brings in, and ultimately, the larger you can grow. But how does one help their therapists fill their calendars? More often than not, the answer is marketing. In this article, we’ll be discussing 8 tips for marketing your SLP clinic on the internet.


1) Company Website


A company website should be starting point for your online marketing ventures. Of course, they grant you a place to display your contact information and other basic information, but in addition to that, they offer an amazing platform for showcasing your clinic’s staff and services. In effect, this enables you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the SLP clinics out there.


2) Retargeting Ads


Retargeting ads are a novel way to stay top of mind. Allow me to explain how they work:


When a person visits your company website, a “cookie” that’s specific to your website will be saved on their internet browser. Now when they’re visiting other websites on the internet, that “cookie” will interact with the with retargeting ad platforms on other websites, and fills them with your clinic’s advertisement. So now even though the individual has left your website, they can still see your branding and messaging elsewhere on the internet. Examples of webpages where these retargeting ads will be featured are social media platforms (i.e. Facebook), news websites, online stores, and more.


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3) Social Media


These days, everyone and their dog has at least one profile on social media. There’s no reason why your clinic shouldn’t, either. They’re free to make, easy to use, and with the right touch, they can be incredibly effective for directly engaging your target audience. In sum, they give audiences an opportunity to see the human side of your business.


4) Testimonials


Speaking of the human side, there’s no better way to demonstrate social proof than to put your patients’ testimonials on display for the world to see. These give new clients and potential patients the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and learn from their experience with your clinic.


5) YouTube Videos


Did you know that there are more than 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube per minute? Or have you heard that more than one third of the world’s population has visited YouTube? That’s pretty incredible.


All of these users have positioned YouTube as one of the world’s most-popular websites. Knowing this, your SLP clinic can take advantage of their massive audience by uploading unique content that’s relevant to your clients and potential clients alike. For example, you can try putting together some brief educational videos about the common SLP issues families are likely to Google at home.


6) Email Marketing Campaigns


If you’re using your EMR software to create client profiles for SLP patients, then it’s highly likely that you’re going to ask them for their email address. Once you have that on hand, you’re free to use it as a means for keeping in contact with them. And a great way to keep in touch with them is through email marketing campaigns.


7) Reviews


We spoke briefly about social proof in the context of testimonials, however, there’s a lot to be said about the social proof present in in reviews, too. Don’t get me wrong: testimonials are great, but it’s apparent that these statements from clients are hand-picked by management to provide readers with the most positive outlook on your business.


Online reviews are raw and unfiltered. They aren’t collected as part of promotions the same way testimonials might be. Instead, motivated individuals will write reviews on their own. These reviews tend to have more of an impact on prospective clients because the people writing them weren’t incentivized; they’re offering feedback of their own volition.


Hint: Do you have a Google My Business page? This provides an excellent platform for collecting reviews and ensuring your business gets featured in Google search results.


8) Contests


Contests are a proven method for engaging your target audience and building a positive relationship with them. Here are some tips for hosting your very own contest:


– Don’t skimp out on the prize. People are less likely to sign up for your contest if they don’t feel like the prize is worthwhile.


– If you’re charging a fee for entry (i.e. raffle tickets), put the proceeds towards a charity whose interests align with your own. The goal isn’t to make money from the raffle; it’s to cultivate a positive brand image.


– Exclude friends and family from participating in the contest. On the off chance that one of them wins, other participants may feel slighted knowing that someone close to the organizer won.


Many companies who run online contests like to showcase the winners on social media. I’m sure that you can already imagine how this could go terribly wrong if it was discovered that a friend or family member took home the grand prize. For an example of this, just check out this story about a Toyota dealership in Texas whose raffle prize was awarded to the wife of the dealership’s sales manager.


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