Client Portal

The Practice Perfect Client Portal gives both new and existing patients a way to get more involved with their treatment. From new patient registration to online payments, the Client Portal is changing the way clinics engage their community.

New Patient Registration

Patients who are new to your clinic are able to register online and create a client profile including their demographic information, insurance information, and agree to your clinic’s policies.

Client Profiles
Client Profiles

Online Appointment Scheduling

Both new and existing patients have the ability to book appointments online. Whether they wish to schedule appointments by therapist, service, or location, after an appointment is requested in the Client Portal, you will be notified in Practice Perfect and able to verify it before adding it to the schedule or have it added automatically.

View Past and Upcoming Appointments

Existing clients have the ability to view a comprehensive list of their past appointments, as well as any upcoming appointments.

Client Profiles
Client Profiles

Document Exchange

The Client Portal provides clinics with a secure way to exchange documents with their clients. Whether you wish to make a document available for download, such as a progress note or evaluation, or you’ve asked the client to upload a certain document, like their insurance information or prescription history, this can be done in the Client Portal.

Online Payments

Provide your patients with an easy and secure way to pay their bills online. They’re able to enter their credit card information in the Client Portal to pay a remaining balance, and will be given the option to download a payment receipt. The payment itself is deposited directly into your bank account, and is recorded in Practice Perfect!

Client Profiles
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