Medical Billing Software

A requirement for a great EMR software is the ability to streamline the medical billing process and maximize your practice’s revenue. Save time, boost efficiency and ensure precision with Practice Perfect’s all-in-one medical billing software.

Billing Ease, Efficiency and Accuracy

  • Full Charge Entry, Payment Entry, Receipt, Invoice & Statement Production
    After an appointment, quickly bill, collect payments and provide statements for your patients with just a few clicks.
  • Robust Accounts Receivable and Cashflow Reporting
    Analyze trends, manage work flow and stay on top of unpaid invoices and claims using our suite of Revenue Collection Management reports.
  • Integrated Credit/Debit Card Processing
    Integrate credit and debit card processing with one point of entry. Reduce end of day balancing tasks and retain cards securely for use even if the credit card is not present.
  • Auto-Complete Extended Health Care Forms
    Increase patient satisfaction by helping your patients save time and effort with pre-filled Extended Health Care forms.
  • Collections Management and Follow-Up Functions
    Improve your payment collection rate with reminders for uncollected patient payments and multiple billing and statement options. Track conversations and broken payment promises.

Medical Billing Integrations

Telus Health eClaims Integration
Make billing easier and more efficient by facilitating patient insurance claims directly from Practice Perfect without wasting any time on double-entry.

Ontario Medical Billing (OHIP, HCAI, WSIB) & BC Teleplan (MSP, ISBC WCB)
In Ontario, submit claims directly to OHIP, WSIB and HCAI. Also submit treatment plans directly to HCAI. In British Columbia, submit claims to Teleplan (MSP, ICBS, WCB) and process remittances electronically.

American HCFA-1500 and EDI837 Submissions and EDI835 Payment Processing
For those insurers requiring paper, produce the HCFA-1500 invoice form automatically. For all other insurers, streamline claims submission to ANY clearinghouse using the standardized ANSI EDI837 electronic format. Incoming payments can also be processed seamlessly using the ANSI EDI835 electronic remittance standard.

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