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Let's face it, there is no point in re-inventing the wheel. We have established a close-knit group of partners that do what they do so well that we have chosen to directly integrate with them bringing even more functionality to Practice Perfect!

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Wired Client is an intuitive, fully-integrated, automated messaging system that clinics are using to keep in touch with their patients. Whether it’s an appointment reminder, a promotional message, or a birthday greeting, Wired Client makes it easy to make connections with your patients at every step of their treatment journey.

Key Features:

Automated SMS Messaging and Voice Calls

Automatically send customizable message templates and campaigns to your patients. Unique trigger types like prior to first visit, last visit date without rebook, and discharge date provide touch points throughout the patient lifecycle.

Intuitive Two-way Messaging

Send instant messages to your clients, read replies, and continue the conversation in our intuitive two-way messaging system. You can even send text messages from directly within Practice Perfect.

Clinic-wide Announcements

Whether a therapist has called in sick, the clinic is closed due to poor weather, or you’re sharing a promotion, notify your client list using a broadcast message.


Gather client feedback and obtain Google Reviews. Our net promoter score survey can automatically send replies to your clients based on the score they give you.

Check out the video below to learn more about Wired Client:

Instead of your Practice Perfect data being stored on one of YOUR computers, it is stored on one of OURS—we house the data, we perform the backups, and we act as the 'main' computer.

You still have Practice Perfect loaded onto each of your computers, but you will not have to worry about the 'main' computer anymore.

Here are some of the benefits of us hosting your data:

  • The data is stored in secure SOC-2 Certified North American storage facilities
  • You no longer need to worry about your main computer having to remain 'on' when accessing Practice Perfect remotely
  • Includes up to 100 gigabytes of data storage
  • Redundant backups are performed nightly
  • Includes full server support
  • Move the data back to your site at any time

for one clinic location

for each additional clinic location

[email protected] 877-510-7473

Integrated credit and debit card payment solution for your practice management software

Global Payments Integrated and Practice Perfect have partnered to offer a full-featured, integrated credit and debit card payment solution that can help you work more efficiently and give your patients more ways to pay.

They offer:

Efficient Point-of-Sale Payments

Customized to your Practice Perfect EMR, POS and in-person transactions are made easy with simplified and secure smart technology. Card information is securely retained for future use should the client not be present.

Seamless Integration

All transactions are fully integrated into your Practice Perfect EMR software, helping eliminate double entry, costly errors and reconciliation times.

Accept All Payment Types

Process transactions and medical billing with your clients credit, debit and chip cards, plus contactless credit cards and digital wallets (i.e. Apple Wallet, Google Pay).

Advanced Security

Help prevent fraud and protect sensitive cardholder data with chip-card enabled technology, advanced encryption and tokenization for optimal security.

Exceptional Service

Global Payments Integrated has been recognized by J.D. Power for providing an outstanding customer service experience for phone support.

To learn more, contact Global Payments Integrated today!

[email protected] 800-774-6462

The future of clinical documentation is here.

Comprehend is an AI medical scribe that seamlessly integrates with Practice Perfect EMR. Their scribe listens to clinician-patient visits and uploads notes with a simple click. It is fully HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant, it ensures secure and efficient documentation, and allows healthcare providers to focus more on patient care.

See how it works by watching the video below:

[email protected] (716)415-661

Clinical Billing Solutions provides end-to-end revenue cycle management services. From claims scrubbing and submissions to reimbursement and collections, they have the knowledge and experience to maximize your clinic’s cashflow. Their services include:

Billing, Claims Submission and Payment Reconciliation

Preparing claims, posting payments, and reconciling accounts represents the core of Clinical Billing Solutions’s services.

Accounts Receivable and Collections

Following up with insurance carriers and collecting payments from patients and payors alike can be a chore, but when Clinical Billing Solutions is working with you, you won’t need to stress about any unpaid bills.

Patient Data Entry and Insurance Verification

Collecting patient information and creating client profiles is a significant task no matter the size of your practice. Clinical Billing Solutions will streamline these processes for you so that you can focus your attention on your clients.
Visit Clinical Billing Solutions Email 888-550-2112

Coviu is your one-stop shop for all your telehealth needs for both specialty practices and primary care. Custom-built with a suite of clinical and administrative integrated applications, allowing health professionals like yourself to embrace all the flexibility and benefits of telehealth. And best of all, it's simple to use, and stress-free both for you and your patients!

Try Coviu for free, with a 2-week trial. Plus, Practice Perfect members receive 20% off their monthly or annual subscription with code PRACTICEPERFECT20.

Join 90,000 practitioners today & start conducting consultations within just minutes!

  • Built-in clinical tools. Perform clinical assessments, and share resources to enhance your video consultations
  • Virtual front door, including ability to triage and take payments
  • Easy to use: simply send a link to your client and wait for them in your private, virtual room

As a clinic, you don't need to turn the patients without a prescription away. Instead, you can put them in touch with a physician in a matter of minutes.

[email protected] +1-888-493-9234

With the 20% discount, pricing starts at just $20 USD / $25 CAD per user/month on an essentials plan.
Learn more about Coviu here:

Easy self patient check-in system to increase efficiency in your clinic

Compatible With Your Device

Practice Perfect's Patient Self Check-In App is now available for both iOS and Android tablets. It provides your patients with a way to check in for their appointments without having to interact with your front desk staff.

Clinic Notification Upon Patient Arrival

Keep an iPad or tablet or by your clinic’s waiting area so patients can check themselves in! When the patient arrives, they simply enter their name and signature to check in for their appointment. Upon doing so, the status of their appointment in your Practice Perfect EMR software will change from 'Pending' to 'Arrived', notifying the clinician that the patient is there and ready to be seen.

Limit Reception Desk Traffic

With the self check-in app, your clinic can limit front desk traffic as well as the amount of staff needed by offering patients the ability to sign in for their appointments by themselves.

Increase Legibility & Accuracy

Since our self check-in app is all digital, this reduces the risk of clerical errors and provides your clinic with valuable data on missed appointments, arrival times, and more.

[email protected] 844-322-8806

To learn more about the implementation of our Patient Self Check-In App, contact the support department today!

Online intake forms enable your patients to complete your clinic’s intake forms on their own time, whether it's registration info, their medical history, or consent. Simply provide us with your intake forms, and we will recreate them in a web-based format. Afterwards, you will receive a URL where the forms can be accessed at any time.

The online intake forms can be accessed on an iPad, tablet, or any internet-enabled device. Patients can complete the forms prior to arriving at your clinic, or in the lobby while they wait for their appointment.

We are currently in phase two of the online intake form integration—completed and signed forms may be sent to an email address of your choice, or they can be automatically imported into Practice Perfect. In phase three, the information entered in the forms can be used to create new client profiles.

[email protected]

The Practice Perfect Client Portal gives both new and existing patients a way to get more involved with their treatment. In essence, you’re provided with a fully customizable, online version of your Practice Perfect calendar to share with them. And the best part about it: the Client Portal syncs with Practice Perfect in real time.

New patients are able to create their own client profile, provide insurance information, and consent to your clinic's policies. Once registered, they're able to view all of the available services, providers, and their biographies.

Existing patients are also able to create an account within the Client Portal which enables them to schedule new appointments, as well as view past appointments and upcoming ones, too.

[email protected]

Wibbi Home Exercise Software

Wibbi (formerly known as Physiotec) boosts patients’ interactions, optimizes your workflow and spotlights your brand. We make it easy to build home exercise programs and share educational content. Empower your practice with our online tools for successful rehabilitation.

[email protected] 866-301-3439

Free yourself from the back-office grind with Payroll+

Practice Perfect EMR has partnered with Heartland (a Global Payments company) to bring you a flexible, easy-to-use payroll solution: Heartland Payroll+. This secure, online platform integrated your workforce management activities, including payroll, hiring, time tracking, and HR.

They offer:

Heartland Payroll

Customized to your Practice Perfect EMR, POS and in-person transactions are made easy with simplified and secure smart technology. Card information is securely retained for future use should the client not be present.

  • Spend less time calculating wages
  • Set pay schedules that work for you
  • Trade guesswork for full-service tax management

Heartland Hire

Streamline how you recruit and hire top talent while also identifying new employees who might be eligible for tax credits.

  • Create a job post in 60 seconds
  • Electronically onboard new hires
  • Give your budget a break with WOTC

Heartland Time

Make smarter labor decisions in real time with automated time tracking and scheduling tools you and your team can trust.

  • Build smarter schedules, faster
  • Prevent time theft with continuous tracking
  • Respond to time off requests in one click

Heartland HR

Leverage a free library of templates and tools paired with expert HR advice to meet legal requirements and avoid hefty fines.

  • Rely on a single resource hub for HR materials
  • Receive an annual labor law poster
  • Get on demand, one-on-one HR support

Discover more ways to make workforce management a breeze

  • Employees Access
  • Custom reporting
  • Time and attendance
  • Applicant tracking and onboarding
  • Tax, compliance, and payments
  • Painless integrations

To learn more, contact Heartland Payroll+ today!

[email protected] 1-855-273-4205 Website

The right clearinghouse can make all the difference

Together with Practice Perfect EMR, Waystar delivers leading-edge technology designed to simplify the claims submission and remittance process. Waystar’s cloud-based platform removes friction in payment processes, streamlines workflows and can help reduce payment times and minimize errors. Discover the true power of our partnership.

Elevate your existing system

Waystar's award-winning solutions create a seamless exchange of claims and remit data to help you improve processes across the entire revenue cycle. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to serving our clients. We partner with customers to understand the biggest challenges facing provider offices today and work to bring innovative solutions to market to ease the burden of those challenges. We strive to:

  • Simplify payment collections
  • Automate manual work
  • Decrease days in AR and maximize revenue
  • Streamline reporting and gain actionable insights
  • Help clients achieve 98.5% first-pass clean claim rate

Our innovative tools are just one of the reasons we have been named Best in KLAS for the 12th consecutive year!

Client support you can rely on

We’re focused on building long-term relationships. That’s why we’re invested heavily in world-class, in-house client support. From implementation on, we’ll be with you every step of the way, ready to help along the way. The process is fast and easy so you don’t have to worry about operational disruptions.
Experience the Waystar difference.

Visit Waystar 678.955.4024

  • Fax any document created in Practice Perfect (i.e. daily notes, custom documents, invoices, statements and more) from directly within Practice Perfect
  • Send faxes to the patient’s family physician, adjuster, lawyer or any other external contact
  • Automatically create a ‘Contact Log’ entry and a ‘Follow-up Reminder’ at the time any fax is sent
  • Receive a delivery status email with each fax stating success or failure
  • Fax external documents such as scanned and uploaded images and PDFs
  • Fax multiple documents at the same time
  • Easily create a cover page as you prepare your fax
  • 1000 pages for $50.00 ($0.05 per page), paid in advance (this is the only pricing package available at this time)
  • Once the 1000 pages has been exceeded, your page count will automatically renew

[email protected]

Patient 360 Logo

Patient360 allows Practice Perfect users to seamlessly report MIPS data to CMS through our intuitive and easy to use dashboard tool.

As one of the first 16 operating CMS registries, Patient360 is an authority on Medicare reporting, and has been vetted by CMS for 12 straight years.

Patient360 was founded as a physician-owned Qualified Registry and passed approval process to become a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). Patient360 exists to help practices improve quality, increase payment incentives, and avoid payment adjustments from CMS under the Quality Payment Program (QPP) and MIPS.

As a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), Patient360 has targeted physical medicine offerings with unique focus on Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. We welcome suggestions for creation of other potential measures for the next reporting year.

Practice Perfect has developed an integration with Patient360—the "Preferred Vendor" for MIPS Reporting. With a simple sign up process, data extraction is automatic from your EMR, reducing Practice burden, allowing you to spend more time with your patients.

Please note: Practice Perfect EMR users receive a special discounted rate for MIPS reporting!

[email protected] 1-800-537-4473

Powered By TELUS

TELUS Health eClaims enables Canadian physical rehabilitation clinics to submit claims on behalf of their clients to 10 major insurers. Practice Perfect’s integration with eClaims allows our users to validate and submit their claims directly from within Practice Perfect. Clinics no longer have to worry about double-entry, and their patients no-longer need to pay for the full cost of treatment up-front.

TELUS Health is currently partnered with 10 major insurance companies (including Great West Life, Manulife and Sun Life) who are responsible for providing coverage for 85% of all privately insured Canadians. Patients who are receiving coverage from any of these insurers stand to gain a lot from Practice Perfect’s integration with TELUS Health eClaims.

There is no charge for our existing users for this new integration.

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DataHEALTH® offers healthcare providers a secure cloud data backup and recovery service. In fact, they are the only American cloud backup service that is both fully Accredited URAC HIPAA Security Business and Covered Entity Associate and NIST FIPS 140-2 encryption certified.

In Canada, DataHEALTH® is PIPEDA compliant. They also meet the standards put in place by the European Directive on Protection of Personal Data.

Their automated system is fine-tuned to work with your Practice Perfect database, and eliminate the hassle of backing it up manually.

Please note that DataHEALTH® is currently offering a free 30-day trial of their service.

[email protected] 1-888-656-3282

Functional Outcome Reporting by FOTO

FOTO assessments measure patient outcomes to manage quality and market strengths with risk-adjusted nationally benchmarked reports per patient, therapist, clinical site, and company.  The outcomes reports compare treatment effectiveness, treatment efficiency, and patient satisfaction by impairment.  FOTO's web based program utilizes sophisticated computer adaptive testing to provide efficient and precise condition specific measures of function.  Assessments may be gathered online from any location or within the clinical site.  FOTO’s Outcome Measures have been endorsed by the National Quality Forum, are included in the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), and FOTO is an approved PQRS Data Registry. Approximately 5 million patient assessments have been compiled in the FOTO database, and researchers have utilized FOTO data to publish over 85 articles on functional outcomes in refereed medical journals.

Practice Perfect is now integrated with FOTO! New patients are now automatically submitted to FOTO without requiring any duplicate data entry enhancing the data collection quality and reducing the workload for administrators and clinicians.

[email protected] 800–482–3686

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