A Topic So Important It Has Its Own Day: March 31 is World Back Up Day

One of the reasons to having this day is to protect against one of your biggest treats, ransomware.


How safe is your data from a ransomware attack?  The statistics are startling:


– By 3rd quarter 2017, a company was hit with ransomware every 40 seconds.


– 90 percent of IT service providers have reported recent ransomware attacks on small companies.


– Small businesses know they can’t afford to lose data. Yet more than half (58 percent) of them are not prepared for data loss.


– 60 percent of small businesses that lose data will shut down within six months.


Have you heard of World Backup Day before? Click here to learn more. 


Don’t be a statistic!  One may never be able to completely protect against an attack, but below are some key steps to help prevent and prepare:


– Train staff on the threat of ransomware and how your system can be infected.


– Never open email attachments unless expected and from a reliable source.


– Stop web browsing to avoid phishing campaigns, suspicious websites and other scams.


– Make sure your antivirus, firewalls, anti-malware and anti-exploit security programs are always up-to-date. Be sure these programs are set to scan automatically.


– Upgrade your operating system, software and firmware to the latest version is a must! Unpatched programs leave the system open to threats.


– Perform daily backups of your critical healthcare data to a USB drive, an external hard drive and/or a cloud storage.


– Test your backups regularly to ensure you have the data when you need it most.


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Being prepared and having a plan is your best line of defense.  Thankfully, PracticePerfect has done some of the homework for you and has a solution to help during a ransomware attack.  PracticePerfect recommends DataHEALTH cloud backup solution, which is automatic and encrypted.  DataHEALTH is the leading provider of cloud solutions in North America.  DataHEALTH is only cloud backup provide to be URAC HIPAA Security Business Associate and FIPS 140-2 encryption certified.  DataHEALTH is also PIPEDA compliant (Complies with European Directive on Protection of Personal Data, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act).


Now through April 13, 2018, when you sign up for cloud backup service, DataHEALTH will include the local backup configuration for free (external hard drive not included).  For more information, visit http://www.datahealth.com/practice-perfect-emr/ or call 888-656-3282, ext. 1.


Call TODAY for a 30-day free trial.  Pricing starts at $19.95/mo (USD).

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