Can Chiropractors Use the Same EMR as Their Physiotherapist Colleagues?

Outpatient therapists are accustomed to working in multi-disciplinary clinics. This means that any given clinic might offer PT, OT, SLP, and chiropractic services all under one roof. In some cases, each of the different disciplines exist as separate entities, but more often than not, they operate as a single business. It makes sense that all of these different therapists would need a single practice management software, too, if they hope to keep things organized. So in this article we’re going to answer the question “Can chiropractors use the same EMR as their physiotherapist colleagues?”


Unique Documentation for Chiropractors


Chiropractors have their own way of completing clinical documentation. It won’t suffice for them to piggy back off of the templates used by their physiotherapist colleagues. That said, they need a way to create their own unique documentation that is relevant to their services.


If you’re a chiropractor working in a multi-disciplinary clinic, you need to use an EMR software that will allow you to create your own unique documentation. Some documentation, like progress notes, is pretty vanilla, but things like tests and evaluations require more attention to detail. So when choosing an EMR for your multi-disciplinary clinic, choose one that afford you the flexibility you need to create unique documents.


Billing Software for Chiropractic Services


Like documentation, if you’re a chiropractor working in a multi-disciplinary clinic, you need to be able to create different treatment and services charges that accurately reflect the services provided. Also, depending on whether you’re charging a flat rate, per hour, or per unit, you need to be able to bill in a way that makes sense to your business.


Click here to watch our video about customizing ‘Fee Codes’.


The same idea extends to your invoicing. If you’re a cash-based clinic, you’ll need to be able to create generic invoices for your patients. On the other hand, if you’re billing insurance carriers, it’s essential that your chiropractic billing software can conform to their specific invoice formats. Be sure to spend some time learning about the different types of invoices your EMR is capable of creating before signing any contracts.


Reporting in your Chiropractic EMR


When all is said and done, your chiropractic EMR software should enable you to run a number of reports that will provide you with more information about the state of your business. Whether you’re worried about underutilizing your time, or collecting outstanding payments, Practice Perfect EMR comes equipped with a number of canned reports. These reports are designed to provide you intimate details regarding your clinic’s financial and operational health. And it goes without saying that these reports are essential to not only chiropractic services, but all services in a multi-disciplinary clinic.


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