5 Ways Chiropractic EMR Software Increases Patient Retention Rate

How many times have you seen a patient once, only to never see them again? You know that your office administrator has treated them with the utmost care, and you know that your chiropractors have provided them with the absolute best service on this side of the Equator, but despite that, they didn’t come back. Rest assured that you’re not alone in this experience. There’s even a term for describing it—it’s called patient fall off. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how your chiropractic EMR software can be used to increase your patient retention rate.


1) Appointment reminders


A lot of chiropractic clinics consider it best practice to not let a patient leave without booking a follow-up appointment. But even though they’ve set the appointment, they’re liable to forget it. A good chiropractic EMR software allows you to send patients emails directly from within the software so that administrators can easily fire off an appointment reminder without breaking stride.


2) Chiropractic patient profiles


The best chiropractic EMR software lets users create unique profiles per patient. For example, Practice Perfect’s patient profiles themselves are not limited to medical records and clinical notes but also allow you to attach personal notes, set birthday reminders, and more!


3) Chiropractic billing


We all know how easy it is for paperwork to get lost in the shuffle, and I think that we can all agree that there’s nothing worse than receiving an invoice reading “PAST DUE” as a result. A good chiropractic EMR software will allow you to process all of your payments directly through it while simultaneously posting it to a patient’s profile.


4) Chiropractic scheduling


Scheduling is central to the day to day operations of any chiropractic practice. In the case of sole practitioners, it may suffice to record all of your appointments in a simple Google Calendar; however, for larger practices that employ multiple providers, scheduling presents challenge. Good chiropractic EMR software allows providers and administrators to schedule appointments for multiple patients across multiple locations.


 5) Chiropractic practice growth


Some, but not all, chiropractic EMR software can generate reports that will help you identify key operational data such as underperforming referral sources, patient falloff, and more. Being able to grab this kind of data at a moment’s notice can encourage practice growth by providing the information that you need to know to develop a solid marketing strategy.

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