Enhancing Your Clinic’s Communication

In our most recent webinar, we provided viewers with a few novel ways that clinics are enhancing their communication with their client base. Namely, they’re achieving this through the use of Wired Client and integrated faxing.


Last year illustrated just how important it is to communicate important updates about your clinic to client base. Whether it’s a temporary closure, reopening, or a new policy being implemented, there are timely messages that need to be delivered to patients as soon as humanly possible. For many of the clinics using Wired Client, they leveraged the customized messaging to make this possible.


On a similar note, faxing can play a key role in a clinic’s operations, as well. When the staff weren’t able to physically go to the clinic to use their fax machine, they needed a way to send documents to doctors offices from their own home without the use of an actual fax machine. Our integrated faxing service took on a new relevance by making this possible.


To learn more about how these features are working to help enhance a clinic’s communication, check out our webinar below:



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