Event: Accelerate 2017: The Ultimate Rehab Business Summitt

Across Canada, clinic owners are on the lookout for a way to take their business to the next level. In the right hands, rehabilitation practices are capable of generating up to 8 figures worth of annual revenue. But growing your business to that size doesn’t happen overnight—and the speakers at Accelerate 2017: The Ultimate Rehab Summit will agree.


Taking place on June 9 and 10 at the DMZ in Toronto, Accelerate 2017 is an one-of-a-kind 2-day event where industry experts from the Canadian rehabilitation scene gather to discuss the business side of private practice ownership. The experts’ seminars are based on their personal experience managing multi-million dollar practices, and how they’ve refined their strategies over the years to achieve phenomenal results.


Click here to check out the Accelerate 2017 website.


The topics covered at Accelerate 2017 range from how to fix patient engagement at your clinic, to attracting more new patients with digital marketing. There’s even a bonus seminar about how to build and sell your clinic for millions of dollars and retire in the Greek islands. And if attendees aren’t jotting down secrets that they’ve picked up in one of the seminars, there’s some time set aside for networking with fellow attendees and vendors.


Many other business events provide attendees with abstract theories that are difficult to put into practice. But, Accelerate 2017 aims to empower their guests by inspiring clearly defined goals, actionable strategies, and the confidence to execute. A great example of their practical approach to lecturing are the highly relevant topics that they’ve chosen to discuss.


One of the segments at Accelerate 2017 talks about how physiotherapists and chiropractors can get more doctor referrals from busy doctors. And who was chosen to lead the discussion? Busy doctors!


Practice Perfect has decided to sponsor Accelerate 2017 because we can see that their intentions are aligned with our own: to help rehabilitation therapists across Canada build better businesses.

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