Event: Practice Perfect was at the BPTM Atlanta Conference

Most physical therapists chose this profession because they harbour an innate desire to help people. Their main focus is on helping their patients get better. And with that in mind, marketing and practice growth often takes a backseat for PT practice owners. However, that does not diminish the importance of successfully marketing your clinic to the public at large. Fortunately, there are events like Breakthrough Marketing.


Throughout the year, the team from Breakthrough Marketing organize “Boot Camps” in different cities across America. They tend to attract private practice owners who are keen on watching their practices grow beyond their wildest dreams. And since Practice Perfect is geared towards practice growth, our placement at this event was a natural fit.


The event itself ran from Thursday, January 11 to 14. Over the course of three days, PTs, practice owners and office staff attended sessions discussing topics ranging from hiring and training new staff to hosting free seminars for new patients and marketing your practice on the internet.


During the Boot Camp, our booth was visited by many current clients. These events are always great for touching base with our users in person. And when we weren’t catching up with them, there were many curious practice owners who were eager to learn more about what separates Practice Perfect from the crowd. And it seems that with each passing Boot Camp, more PTs are showing up.


If you’re interested in learning more about the BPTM Boot Camp, click here to sign up for their next webinar.

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