How PTs Are Using EMR Software to Track AR

Not everyone uses EMR software for the same reasons. Some people prefer to use it for scheduling and client profiles, while others prefer to use it for their clinical documentation and claims submissions. But no matter the reasons for working with an EMR software vendor, we recommend that you learn about the full potential of your software—you might be surprised to learn all that it’s capable of. For example, many PTs are using Practice Perfect to track their accounts receivable.


Securely store your invoices in your PT EMR software


When you need to collect money from your patient’s and payors, and make sure that they’re staying true to their promises, you may be asked to provide them with proof of services rendered. That said, it’s important to have immediate access to all of those invoices and clinical notes so that you’re able to reference them on a moment’s notice.


Run canned reports in your PT EMR software


Certain reports in Practice Perfect enable you to accurately predict how much money your clinic is eligible to receive from patients and payors. For instance, there are certain charges that you may enter into Practice Perfect exclusively for predictive reasons, and these canned reports will work with them to depict your AR.


Log your EOB’s and ERA’s in your PT EMR software


When receiving EOB’s, ERA’s, and remittances from your payors, you’ll need a place to securely store that information. Further, if you’re an American clinic, you may not even be able to open up the file without the help of an EMR software like Practice Perfect. We come equipped with the tools to decipher the file and store that key information in your system.


Stay on top of broken promises using your PT EMR software


You can send automated appointment and invoice reminders to your patients and ensure that they honor their word. You’re also able to set automated reminders for yourself when payments from your patients and payors are past due. And, you have the ability to run reports that highlight patient fall-off so that you can easily identify the last time a patient visited you—and hopefully identify the reason for the fall-off.


Minimize patient fall-off with Reminder Call, an automated phone and text message service.