Introducing Matt Alexander, Practice Perfect’s Content Developer

Hey, my name’s Matt and I’m the resident Content Developer at Practice Perfect. To put it simply, Content Developers are essentially writers whose work is primarily featured in online publications. But you can consider me your go-to source of information for all things Practice Perfect. Imagine, if you will, that this blog is the 6 ‘o clock news, except it only airs once a week, and it only reports on one subject. Now that I think of it—it’s not like the 6 o’clock news at all.


So who’s Matt? Well, ever since I graduated from university back in 2012 I’ve been up to my knees in content creation. As a matter of fact, this won’t be my first time writing about technology, but it will be my first time writing about an EMR solution and the industry that it applies to.


That said, I’m really excited to learn more about the intricacies of private practice clinics. A large part of that will be identifying the points of connection between Practice Perfect’s EMR software and the day to day operations of clinics across North America. As I learn more about the industry, the needs of your clinic, and our software, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be sharing all of my findings with you.


Now, I’ll be completely candid—I don’t know the software all that well. And on top of that, I’m not very familiar with the intricacies of the healthcare system either. But, I’m going to be up to my neck in all things Practice Perfect for the foreseeable future and I want this to be a place that you can turn to for valuable information regarding such.


If you know the software, that’s good. You might want to send me some tips. If you don’t know the software, that’s even better. We can learn about it together.


So what’s next for me at Practice Perfect? We’re in the process of nailing down a brand new instructional video series that is going to cover the most commonly asked questions about our EMR software so keep your eyes peeled for that. But anyways, that’s all for now. Look out for my new post next week!


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