New Feature: Integrated Faxing Through Practice Perfect

Faxing remains one of the most popular forms of communication between medical facilities. Despite being a much older technology than email and MMS, it still reigns supreme in the healthcare sector. The reason for that is largely due to its HIPAA compliant status, which is discussed at length in this article.


Oftentimes, initial evaluations, progress notes, and other types of clinical documents need to be shared with external contacts like with physicians, lawyers and adjusters.  In most cases, faxing is the chosen method for transmitting those documents.


So, we know that faxing is HIPAA compliant and it allows you to get the job done, but is it the most effective way of sending a fax? We don’t think so–but we have a solution.


With the use of the new outbound faxing integration, it’s possible for you to send clinical documents to external contacts with the click of a button. Simply put, you don’t have to print off a document, create a separate cover page, and stand around a fax machine while you wait for it to send. Instead, you can just flag the document you’d like to send, choose who you want to send it to, and press ‘Ok’. But it can still go a little further than that.


When you use the Practice Perfect’s direct outbound faxing integration, you can also create a cover page within the software. It will already feature your company’s letterhead, so there’s no need to manually plug in all of that information. You’re also given the ability to create a new ‘Contact Log’ entry as the fax is sent, and establish a follow-up reminder at the same time. The reminders are particularly helpful when you’re dealing with time-sensitive material.


Click here to watch our tutorial video about how to use the ‘Contact Log’.


As of right now, your facility can begin using Practice Perfect’s integrated faxing solution. The price for this service is only $0.05 per page. Packages are sold in bundles of 1000 pages (i.e. $50). Contact us today to learn more!



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