Practice Perfect EMR Application Features Breakdown

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With so many administrative tasks to carry out each day, healthcare facilities require appropriate EMR software solutions to improve their services and patient care experience. Most rehabilitation professionals today depend on EMR software for medical billing, online scheduling, securing sensitive patient information and more. With the help of these innovative EMR programs, daily organizational tasks can be conducted intuitively while maintaining efficiency and accuracy.

Practice Perfect is a comprehensive EMR software designed to assist rehabilitation professionals such as speech therapists, psychologists, chiropractors and more. The core features of Practice Perfect include task management, operational analysis, scheduling software and more.

With so much to offer, we decided to break down our seven key software features to demonstrate how Practice Perfect can improve your clinical practice productivity.

Client Profile For Patient Organization

The most important part of operating a healthcare facility is bringing in, caring for and managing your client base. But with the success of a facility often comes an overwhelmingly large amount of patients, and it can be difficult to keep up so many different profiles. Practice Perfect ensures you stay organized and up-to-date on everything there is to know about your patients by providing extensive client records that compile all necessary medical, financial and personal information.

With software that allows you to easily maintain client records, receive reminders and notifications about special events like birthdays and organize important information like payment records and injury claims, the Practice Perfect Client Profile feature is ideal for staying organized and involved with your patients.

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Medical Billing, Payments and Accounts Receivable

Any problems with billing, payments or accounts receivable can draw important resources away from your patient care efforts. These time-intensive tasks can be easily simplified with the Practice Perfect software, which maximizes employee productivity and minimizes human error. Bookkeeping functions in the software eliminate the need for maintaining a general ledger and reduce the common tendency to make redundant double entries into accounting records.

This EMR solution also integrates electronic payment entries, receipts, invoices and statements while keeping the medical office compliant and prepared for audits.

Other critical aspects of the Billing, Payments and Accounts Receivable feature include the seamless integration for debit and credit card processing, collections management supports and follow-up diaries for additional convenience.

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Appointment Scheduling & Appointment Reminders

EMR scheduling software features allows for the increase of time and resources that can be allocated towards patient care as opposed to manual organization and administrative work. This is a critical area for busy medical offices. Within the Practice Perfect Appointment Scheduling software, there is a drag-and-drop feature that allows practitioners to maintain client scheduling volumes easily, even during periods where staff turnover and retraining occurs.

As well as making time for other tasks, benefits of this software include the ability to:

  • Make changes in appointment invoices, payments and treatment entry pages
  • Send out appointment reminders through emails, text messages or phone calls
  • Allow patients to book their own appointments online remotely

Practice Perfect’s scheduling software makes it possible to schedule patients easily with a minimal number of clicks, improving the overall capacity for office management including the tasks of each staff member, space allotments and equipment availability.

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Managing Patient & Clinical Documentation and EMR

Managing patient files, progress reports, patient care plans and medical records is incredibly simple when you use the Documentation & EMR features provided in our Practice Perfect software. Keep accurate records of patient treatments, procedures outcomes and evaluations with ease.

The software’s pre-loaded patient forms simplify daily documentation tasks, and can even be customized or redesigned for special cases. The scanning and importing options on the Documentation & EMR feature also allow users to seamlessly add document images to existing records to create a more detailed, accurate patient profile.

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Practicing Clinic Growth

Maintaining efficiency when organizing your daily workflow is helpful, but growing a thriving rehabilitation practice requires additional automated support. The Practice Perfect software makes it easy to minimize the loss of clients beyond manual efforts of an administrative staff.

With the ability to track underperforming physician referral sources, identify geographic revenue opportunities and deploy effective marketing campaigns, the Practice Perfect software has the ability to greatly restore your facility growth success.

Use our software to send out appointment reminders, create automatic contact systems to minimize client fall off, allow patients to access their own medical information remotely and to schedule appointments online and so much more!

Automatically engage and converse with patients using automated text reminders should they cancel and not rebook or stop attending altogether.

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Task Management

Juggling daily tasks like scheduling patients, organizing medical records and verifying payments all while creating a welcoming environment for your clients can be overwhelming — sometimes, critical tasks can fall through the cracks.

Improve your overall office productivity by receiving automated alerts whenever deadlines are missed by clients, physicians or payment companies. These pop-up reminders will also inform you about other tasks that require attention, and users can even assign urgency levels to each task to alert those involved.

As well, Practice Perfect allows users to keep a communications diary with key contacts from their network, patients and third parties, to maintain records of promises and to monitor the percentage of times these promises were kept. Manage routine tasks with simplicity and ease with Practice Perfect’s Task Management features.

Operational Analysis

Monitoring the operational analytics of a business is critical for maintaining awareness of key performance indicators including productivity rates, revenue trend lines and more. It can also help facility owners to keep track of reimbursement rates and the performance of their staff members.

With the Practice Perfect Operational Analysis features, healthcare professionals are given access to a wider range of information regarding their facility. Benefits from features that will allow you to:

  • Keep track of client attendance rates
  • Oversee patient load and employee activity levels
  • Monitor efficacy of therapies and gauge treatment outcomes
  • Review rates for insurance reimbursement
  • Detect important patterns in payments
  • Monitor the duration, cost and success rates of treatment plans

Practice Perfect factors in the varying needs of each rehabilitation clinic, allowing for users to customize the software to their unique facility needs.

This system is designed to be intuitive and easy to learn, which will help you to train new staff members or to get a recently hired assistant up to speed. What’s more, the system is fully supported by human representatives, so you will always have access to live customer support services. With so many automated features dedicated to improving office productivity, patient care and overall efficiency, Practice Perfect creates a truly optimized patient experience that will help to grow and sustain your facility.

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