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In our November/December edition on the Practice Perfect Press, we dive in to the latest updates in the Under Development, explore why web-based practice management systems aren’t all they’re cracked up to be in Trouble Brewing in the Cloud, and share some novel ways for how to enhance patient compliance in our partner article. Check it out below:



Under Development: Enhancing Practice


Perfect’s accessibility

In the second edition of our Under Development series, we’re going to dive into some exciting advances revolving around the Practice Perfect web app, our new faxing integration and updated client statements … CONTINUE READING


Trouble Brewing in the Cloud

It seems that more and more people are looking at cloud-based practice management solutions. Wooed by their supposed ease of use, accessibility and newfangled features like client self-booking (which we offer), clinics are being convinced to sign contracts with cloud-based EMR systems without fully understanding the implications … CONTINUE READING


How to Enhance Compliance

Has this ever happened to you? You fight traffic, find parking and run up the stairs to your doctor’s office. Once there, you realize that your appointment was at 11 a.m., not 1 p.m. Oh well, the front staff is helpful and reschedules the appointment. No harm is done, right? … CONTINUE READING

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