The Top 4 Things Every OT EMR Must Have

There are many OT EMR software solutions out there, but how can you be certain that you’ve chosen the right one? Below are the top 4 things every OT EMR must have:


 1) Electronic billing for OT’s


Electronic billing is the foundation of every OT EMR software. The best OT EMR software, however, will enable you to track every single financial transaction that occurs in your clinic. By accurately logging your financial transactions, you’re doing more than audit-proofing your business–you’re also ensuring that your patients are eligible to receive affordable healthcare.


Insurance coverage is arguably the crux of the healthcare industry. Without it, many people wouldn’t be able to afford treatment for even the simplest of procedures. A good OT EMR software will make sure that claims are submitted correctly so that remittances are received in a timely manner.


2) Electronic scheduling for OT’s


Electronic scheduling is no longer cutting-edge; it’s a simple necessity for contemporary OT EMR software programs. For example, entering an appointment in Practice Perfect does a lot more than simply block out the time on the calendar; it simultaneously enters in information about the incident they’ll be receiving treatment for, the treatment they’ll be receiving, and who’ll be providing the treatment.


3) Client profiles for OT’s


Client profiles are one of the most basic building blocks of any Occupational Therapy EMR software. As a matter of fact, an EMR software simply couldn’t be considered complete unless it featured certain required elements. And client profiles certainly qualify as a required element.


Your OT patients’ client profiles are likely to include demographic information, guardian information (especially important for OT clinics with pediatric patients), information that’s relevant to their claim, and their insurance carrier. Some, if not all, of your patients will be covered by an insurance carrier that helps them cover the costs of services rendered. This makes it extremely important to ensure that there’s a place in your OT client profiles to record that kind of information.


4) Marketing tools for OT’s


New clients are the hallmark of a thriving OT clinic. And these new clients can find their way onto your doorstep through a variety of ways. A lot of clinics receive new clients from an established referral network that they’ve been working with for years, but others have to get creative with their advertising tactics. One way to do this is by using some unique EMR marketing tools to spread the word about your clinic.


Practice Perfect comes equipped with an integrated reporting system that provides you with the data you need to craft a strategic marketing plan. For example, if you want to identify an underperforming referral sources, there’s a report that’ll help you with that. If you want to figure out which one of your providers is seeing the most patients, there’s a report that’ll help you with that. Or, if you want to figure out if your patients are finding you through your other advertising efforts, there’s a report for that, too. This data will provide you with real insights into where growth is flourishing, and where its been stunted.


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