Tips and Tricks: Shake Up Your Appointment Scheduling with the Patient Self-Booking App

In our Tips and Tricks series, we provide users with some novel ways for making the most of the software.


We all know that there are times when your patients can’t be bothered to call your clinic and schedule their next appointment. And whether they’re too busy, or simply not in the mood, it’s good to give them options for scheduling their appointments. One of these options is the Patient Self-Booking App.


Practice Perfect’s Patient Self-Booking App gives your patients a place where they can schedule their own appointments. Scheduled appointments can then be handled in one of two ways: they can either be added to your calendar automatically, or they can be saved to a list of pending appointments where they’ll await your approval. In the second (and default) method, patients will receive an email notifying them that the appointment has been confirmed.


As of now, the only limitation to this service concerns new patients. Patients may only schedule appointments in the patient self-booking app if they already have a ‘Client Profile’ in Practice Perfect. This is because they need three pieces of information to sign in, and that information needs to correspond with the information in their Practice Perfect profile–but this won’t be an issue in the months to come. To learn more about how the Patient Self-Booking App works, check out the video below:



Contact the Support Department today and let them know that you’d like to get a hold of your very own patient self-booking portal!

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