Tips and Tricks: The FREE Patient Self-Booking Add-On

In our Tips and Tricks series, we share some neat ways for making the most of Practice Perfect.


How does your clinic book appointments for patients? Do they have to call in ahead of time and speak with your office manager? Or do they text message the therapist directly? Or do they email you ahead of time to inquire about availabilities? All of these methods certainly get the job done, but we’re here to tell you there’s a better way for your patients to book their own appointments.


Introducing the Patient Self-Booking Add-On


The Patient Self-Booking Add-On brings a new dimension of online integration to Practice Perfect’s locally-installed platform. In essence, it provides clinics with a webpage where patients can book their own appointments.


Patients are empowered to choose the time and date of their appointment, its length, and the provider they’ll be seeing. This effectively removes the need for a patient to call the clinic and speak with your front desk staff to book their appointment.


Now, if you’re concerned about patients booking an appointment with an inappropriate provider, you needn’t worry. When a patient schedules an appointment using the patient self-booking add-on, this new appointment will be sent to Practice Perfect automatically. You then have the option of approving it or dismissing it.


But please note that this feature is only available to existing clients who already have a profile in your Practice Perfect database. New clients will need to contact the clinic directly and book their appointment using conventional methods.


For more information on how the patient self-booking feature works, check out the video below:



To setup your clinic’s FREE patient self-booking add-on, contact the support department today.