Top 5 Questions: If I Leave, What Happens to My Data? – Part 3

As long as there have been web-based EMR solutions, there has been a fierce debate about their merits, and their drawbacks. Time and time again, clinics are drawn to web-based EMR solutions because of their accessibility, interoperability, and supposed affordability—but the fact is, there are some shortcomings that web-based EMR companies don’t want you asking about.


Should you be locked out of your account if you decide to leave them? Certainly not. But this is an unfortunate reality for many clinics who store their patients’ medical records online. They might be unhappy with the service but they’re forced to keep using it because they know that they’ll be left high and dry if they decide to leave.


And this tends to be the case will most web-based EMR solutions. But true strength lies in a versatile EMR software that is both locally installed and accessible through the web.


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Practice Perfect has been a locally installed EMR solution since day one. However, in recent years we’ve expanded upon the platform’s capabilities, now offering clinics the ability to create online scheduling portals where patients can book their appointments from their computer. We’ve also given providers the ability to access the software on the go. They can do things like complete clinical notes and make adjustments to their schedule as long as they have an active internet connection.


With a contemporary EMR solution like Practice Perfect, you get the best of both words; a locally installed software that belongs to you, and the convenience of accessing the software from at home, in the office, or on the road.


Should you ever decide to leave Practice Perfect, you will always have access to your data. You will always be able to reproduce reports. And you will always be able to view your information. You won’t be able to enter any new information, but there is no such thing as being locked out of Practice Perfect.


To learn more about what happens if you leave, and how this ties into data ownership, check out the video below:


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