WEBINAR: Efficient Telehealth: A Practical Guide

Join us on May 3, 2023 at 4:00 pm EST to learn more about offering telehealth in your practice.

Practice Perfect is teaming up with the folks from Coviu to present an exciting, live webinar about the best practices for telehealth. As you may have realized by now, not all video conferencing platforms are built equally, which is why we’ve partnered with one of the leading virtual care platforms to provide an elevated telehealth experience.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, we’ll be covering topics such as:

– How to use the Practice Perfect/Coviu integration
– Security and privacy considerations for practices that use telehealth
– Setting up digital workflows similar to your physical practice (i.e. virtual check-in and waiting rooms)
– Various assessments and clinical tools provided by Coviu
– How to get started
– Participate in a live Q&A

Register Today!

Be sure to click the button below to register your clinic for our webinar next month. But if you aren’t able to make it, we’ll be posting the recording on our YouTube channel afterwards for your convenience.

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