5 EMR Software Red Flags to Beware of

Searching for the right EMR software isn’t easy. There are a lot of things that need to be considered before you agree to sign up with one—because after all, you’ll be using this software every single day. In this article, we’ll be discussing 5 EMR software red flags to beware of, and how you can create a shortlist of your options. Check them out below:


1) Additional costs for support


Generally speaking, EMR software is very robust and capable of completing a great many tasks. But despite receiving training on the software, there may be certain functions that you still need a hand with. This is where the support department steps in. For instance, there might’ve been a recent update to software to accommodate the latest diagnostic codes, and your clinic has never updated the software since starting. In situations like this, you may be prompted to contact the support department.


Now, depending on how the EMR software vendor has structured their business, it’s sometimes necessary to shell out extra money just to get in contact with their help desk. Additional fees like this often come as a surprise. The questions simply isn’t asked often enough. So when you’re searching for your new EMR software, be sure to ask if there’s additional fees for support.


2) Modular software


When we say that Practice Perfect is a fully-integrated billing, scheduling, and clinical documentation software, we mean that you only need to login to our system once to access all of its features. And while some of the other EMR software vendors out there are claiming that they’re fully-integrated, the truth is you might need three separate logins just to perform your basic billing and documentation functions.


While you’re looking for your clinic’s next EMR software, pay attention to what’s included in the subscription fee. Ensure that you’re going to all of the advertised features, for the advertised price. We’ve seen a lot of instances where clinics have been lured in by absurdly low prices, only to find that they’ll only have access a fraction of the software for that price.


3) Can’t access data when you leave


As you’re signing up for a new software service, your mind is abuzz with thoughts about how to get started. It may not occur to you that you should be asking about what happens if you terminate your subscription.


We’ve heard a lot of horror stories from clients who waited until the 11th hour to cancel their subscription, only to find out that they’d be slapped with some hefty fines for breaking the contract. We’ve even spoken to clients that were under the impression that they’d get to take their data with them when they cancelled their subscription to the other service. Can you imagine their surprise when they realized that it’d be handed to them in an illegible file format that takes a computer programmer to decipher?


It may sound counter-intuitive, but you should always be certain to ask about what happens when you leave. But rest assured that with Practice Perfect, you will always have access to your data if you ever decide that you’d like to cancel your subscription.

4) Pay per provider model


Many EMR software providers are in the habit of charging clinics per therapist. But what happens when then clinic employs a lot of part-time therapists? We’ve spoken to a lot of clinic owners who employ part-time therapists, and they all agree that this model tends to become very expensive very quickly.


5) Are you locked into a long-term contract?


If you’re not happy with your EMR software, you should be able to walk away without being penalized. As mentioned above, service providers in general can have some prickly regulations when it comes to terminating your contact. That’s why with Practice Perfect, getting out is as easy as getting in.


Have you seen our video about the Top 5 Questions you should be asking your EMR software vendor? Check it out here:


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