How to Choose the Best SLP EMR Software

Practice Perfect EMR was designed specifically for healthcare professionals in the rehabilitation clinics. In the beginning, the bulk or our clients were physical therapists, but as time passed, and we expanded on its capabilities, we gained the attention of the speech language pathologist (SLP) community. Today, a significant number of our newest clients are SLPs. And we’re happy to provide them with the tools they need to run their practice. In this article, we’ll discussing how to choose the best SLP EMR software and some of the key features it should have.


SLP Appointment Scheduling Software


Appointment scheduling is a must-have feature for your scheduling EMR software, and it does a lot more than block out your providers’ time. For example, Practice Perfect enables users to do a number of things like change an appointment status, record note, enter treatment or service charges, and pull up a patient’s profile from the scheduler.


Hint: Did you know that the web version of Practice Perfect enables SLPs to view the ‘Scheduler’ from tablets?


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SLP Documentation Software


SLPs are required to complete a variety of different clinical documents. Whether the standard SOAP notes for a paediatric patient, or a one-of-a-kind evaluation for an adult, your SLP documentation software needs to be up to the task. Some documents, like a re-evaluation, are pretty standard; however, more complicated clinical documents, such as an endoscopic swallowing evaluation, require a closer attention to detail.


When searching for a SLP clinical documentation, try to find one that will allow you to create your own custom documents.
To see an example of how you can load custom documents into Practice Perfect, click here.


SLP Billing Software


One of Practice Perfect’s most powerful features is its ability to perform all manners of billing tasks. From charge entry and invoice reproduction, to processing ERAs and running financial reports, our system was designed to provide your clinic with everything you need to handle the monetary aspects of your SLP practice.


SLP Marketing Tools


Last but not least, you should try to find an SLP EMR software that has integrated marketing tools. Marketing can be the thing that enables you to take your clinic to the next level. It’s how you fill your calendar, hire more therapists, and eventually, open more locations.


In Practice Perfect, we’ve included a bunch of integrated reports that were designed to highlight key information. For example, if you’re planning on an integrated marketing campaign, you can use the ‘Client Listing Report’ to export a full list of your clients’ email addresses. Or, you could take a step back and run the ‘Missing Fields Report’ to find out which client profiles are missing an email address.


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