First Look: Practice Perfect’s NEW Client Portal

  Practice Perfect’s new Client Portal enables your patients to interact with your clinic like never before. From scheduling their initial evaluation and creating their client profile, to providing insurance information and consenting to your polic

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Practice Perfect EMR Application Features Breakdown

Medical concept of futuristic health care technology and augmented reality. A female doctor hand is touching a virtual control panel. Communicate about innovative use of future health care technology
With so many administrative tasks to carry out each day, healthcare facilities require appropriate EMR software solutions to improve their services and patient care experience. Most rehabilitation professionals today depend on EMR software for medical billing,

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Tips and Tricks: How Do I Fax Through Practice Perfect EMR?

Earlier this year, Practice Perfect EMR released a new faxing add-on. The faxing add-on empowered users to send faxes from directly within the application. This has proven them to save countless hours and improve the efficiency of their practice across the boa

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New Feature: Integrated Faxing Through Practice Perfect

Faxing remains one of the most popular forms of communication between medical facilities. Despite being a much older technology than email and MMS, it still reigns supreme in the healthcare sector. The reason for that is largely due to its HIPAA compliant stat

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7 Must-Have EMR Tools for the Modern Physical Therapist

When you’re looking for an EMR software for your physical therapy clinic, you’re likely to base your selection on the features it includes. In some circles, these features are referred to as EMR tools. And in this article, we’ll be discussing the 7 mu

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