EMR vs. EHR vs. PHR – What’s the Difference?

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Healthcare has come a long way over the years. The many advancements over time have not only improved treatment, but have also improved the accuracy and efficiency of medical softwares. With the introduction of patient data software, it is easier than ever to

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Exclusive: DataHEALTH Automated Cloud Data Backups Extends a Special Offer to Practice Perfect Users

If you’ve been putting off your daily data backups, then you won’t want to let this opportunity pass you by.   DataHEALTH is currently offering Practice Perfect users an exclusive offer! They’re waiving the $50 annual licensing and tech fee.  

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Why Using Multiple Applications to Run Your Practice Doesn’t Work – Part 2

Many of the clinics who sign up for Practice Perfect are drawn to the fact that our software includes everything they need to run their practice. In addition to the scheduling, billing, and clinical documentation functions, there are a number of reports that

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Practice Management Software

Every day, we speak to practice owners who are in different stages of their career. Some have been in the business for countless years and own multiple practices. Others having been working as an employee at another clinic for a handful of years, and they’ve

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Why Using Multiple Applications to Run Your Practice Doesn’t Work — Part 1

By now, we’ve all heard about how you can dramatically improve the workflow in your clinic by switching to a fully-integrated practice management software. The truth is, using multiple applications to complete your daily scheduling, billing, and clinical doc

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