An Important Notice Regarding TELUS Health eClaims

From time to time, TELUS Health releases a completely new set of software tools that we must integrate into Practice Perfect in order to submit claims. Most of the time, even if you don’t update Practice Perfect, you can still submit claims without issue, ev

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How to Improve Patient Engagement Through Your EMR System

You’ve no doubt heard of patient engagement before. It’s one of those terms that gets thrown around often. But what exactly is patient engagement? Let’s start our discussion by defining it.   The term patient engagement is used to descri

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REMINDER: Sun Life Claims Can No Longer Be Submitted Through the TELUS eClaims Portal

For those submitting TELUS Health eClaims through Practice Perfect, please be aware that as of January 30, 2022 you are no longer able to submit such claims to Sun Life through the eClaims portal.   Sun Life has taken the decision to end their partnership

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How Texting Your Clients Can Improve Their Physiotherapy Experience

In today’s society with increasingly busy schedules and an overwhelming amount of information being thrown at us daily, it has become more important that physiotherapists text their clients to be able to keep in contact about upcoming appointments. Fortunate

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Coping with COVID-19: Tools to Help You Reopen Your Clinic

Doctor holding device with online patient intake form
It’s been a few months since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. By all accounts, outpatient rehabilitation clinics are making changes to their policies and procedures to help their staff and patients cope with COVID-19 regulations. But as your practice m

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