Physical Therapy EMR

Fully-customizable physical therapy practice management software to quickly and efficiently improve your billing, appointment scheduling, clinical documentation, and reporting tasks. Enhance your workflow and grow your business by using Practice Perfect EMR.


Patient Profile

When you’re running your own physical therapy practice, accurately tracking your patients’ demographic information, insurance coverage, treatment plans, appointment history, and outcomes is part of building a thriving practice.

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Our intuitive scheduling system makes it easy to book both single and recurring appointments, as well as identify key information about each patient and their visit from within one view.

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Billing & Administration

Generating revenue is important, but actual reimbursement is crucial. Our suite of accounts receivable reports and functions help your clinic stay cash flow positive. By tracking your patients’ remaining coverage, reminding staff to collect payments, automatically entering treatment or service charges, and directly integrating with insurance carriers, we make it that much easier to get paid.

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Physical Therapy Documentation

Simplify and customize your clinical documentation by carrying forward previous notes, goals, and body maps. Insert customizable quick phrases with the click of a button. Spend less time on your documentation and more time with your patients.

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Physio Exercise Software

Treatment doesn’t always end at the clinic. Send your patients home with detailed home exercise plans, instructor-led videos, and diagrams—brought to you by the industry-leading Physiotec® exercise software.

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Grow Your Physical Therapy Practice

Measure the success of your business with thorough financial, productivity, and marketing reporting. From revenue analysis and end-of-day balancing to tracking referral sources and patient retention, our reports provide key decision makers with the data they need to ensure the continued growth of their physical therapy practice.

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