How does an in-depth demo work?

We make contact via the telephone and talk you through the setup involved in viewing one of our computers. We then walk you through PracticePerfect, beginning to end, taking questions as we go on the telephone. This usually takes 60-75 minutes to complete.

Are you web-based?

We are not web-based, we are web-accessible. The software and your information are loaded on your own computers. We use the Internet to give you access to the information contained on your computers. Whether at home, on the road or at another clinic, you can access your information via the web without your information being kept on the web.

Why aren't you completely web-based?

These records are your lifeline, your patient information and financial information. Do you really want someone else being its caretaker? What if you want to change software? Can you still access your data the way you used to? What if your Internet is down or slow? You would have no access at all, not even to the simplest information. Worst case, what if your software vendor goes out of business? No contract will help you then.

Do I need a server?

A server is generally only required if you have a high number of workstations. Typically users with under 8 workstations, even if spread across multiple locations, don’t require a dedicated sever. Generally a good desktop computer is all that is required to act as a host for PracticePerfect.

Do you work with tablet computers?

We presently work with any Windows-based Notebook, Netbook or Tablet computers. PracticePerfect works fine across WiFi and cellular-accessed Internet.

What if we leave?

If you should choose to leave us, and very few do, you retain the software and your data. You can view or report on everything. All of your info is completely accessible. We remove only the ability to enter new information into the software.

Can you transfer the data from my old software?

We can usually transfer basic patient information, such as patient’s first name, last name, gender, date of birth, telephone numbers, and addresses from any system that you currently use. Insurance and referral information can also generally be transferred. Unfortunately, financial and visit history can rarely be transferred. The transfer of data is performed initially at no charge.

What are your minimum computer system requirements?
  Workstation Dedicated Server
(generally required for 7 users or more)
Memory 4 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
Storage1 5 GB Local Hard Drive 5 GB Local Hard Drive
Operating System Windows 11
Windows 10 (all versions)
Windows 11
Windows 10
Windows 2008, 2012, 2016 & 2019 Server
Remote Access, Web App & Client Portal
15 Mbps down / 5 Mbps up 30 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up
  Additional Peripherals for both Workstations & Servers
Monitor Minimum 1440 x 900 resolution3
Non-Windows Tablet minimum 8”
Scanner TWAIN-compliant4
  Network and Applications
Network Wi-Fi or Ethernet
The main Practice Perfect workstation or the server should not be on Wi-Fi
Scanner TWAIN-compliant4
Applications Microsoft Word (Optional)5
  Tablets for Web Apps
Operating System Android, iOS, Windows and Chromebook
Memory 2 GB
  1. Please note that this represents a minimum space requirement and may not accommodate database growth.
  2. No longer supported by Microsoft after 01/2020.
  3. The higher the resolution, the more of the scheduler will be visible at any one time. This is a minimum requirement.
  4. Please note that not all TWAIN scanners are compatible. It can be model specific.
  5. Cannot be a Student version; Cannot be the Windows Metro App downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Windows CPU: We recommend that Atom, Celeron, N and Pentium Silver/Gold processors not be used due to speed restrictions.

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