6 Features Your Psychology EMR Must Have

When you’re in the market for the best psychology EMR, your decision will be founded upon the features that each software has to offer. The fact is, not all of them offer the same level of functionality, and you can end up paying an arm and a leg for access to one that does. But did you know that Practice Perfect provides you with all of the EMR tools a psychologist needs to run their practice for one low monthly fee? In this article, we’ll be discussing the 6 features your psychology EMR must have:


 1) Direct billing


Direct billing is one of Practice Perfect’s best-loved features. But you’d be surprised to know that many other EMR software vendors, particularly web-based EMRs, are unable to integrate with regional healthcare plans and their claims submission processes.


Whether you’re creating generic invoices for your self-paying patients, or submitting claims to a regional or an extended healthcare benefits provider, Practice Perfect is capable of producing the right type on invoice that includes all of the required information. In some cases, Practice Perfect is capable of submitting claims from directly within the software!


2) Client profiles


Client profiles are an essential component of all EMR software. If a clinic is still keeping physical records of all their patients, then any psychology EMR with client profiles will strike them as revolutionary. But Practice Perfect has spent more than a decade fine tuning our software, and expanding on the capabilities of the traditional client profile.


Important information about the patient’s diagnosis, treatment history, and insurance coverage can be found in your patients’ personalized client profile. The client profile also provides you with access to the ‘contact log’, a special section of the software where you can record the details of your correspondence with the patient.


Click here to watch our tutorial video on how to setup a client profile.


3) Scheduling


In many clinics, the scheduler is the first thing that staff want to see when they log on to Practice Perfect. At a glance, they’re able to see all of the day’s appointments, the patients who have arrived, the patients who have cancelled, and who which provider will be treating them. They can even see who they need to collect money from before they leave, or which ones have incomplete progress notes from the scheduler, too. When deciding on a psychology EMR, try choosing one that has a fully integrated scheduler that’s capable of doing more than book appointments.


4) Diagnostic codes for psychologists


Diagnostic codes are the basis for nearly all types of treatment or services. They’re universally required, provide important details about a patient’s condition, and inform the provider about what type of treatment the patient needs. Depending on where your clinic is located, you may be required to use a specific set codes.


Diagnostic codes are also a requirement for many insurance carriers. Claims are guaranteed to be declined if they are not included in submissions. Fortunately, Practice Perfect is equipped with a number of fail-safes that will prevent you from submitting claims with incomplete information.
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5) Remote access


When you’re a psychologist, your job can take you many places, you might need to see your patients outside of the office. Perhaps you’ll need to see them in their home, or even at their school, but spending time outside of the office doesn’t mean you won’t need access to your psychology EMR.


One of the must-have features of your psychology EMR is the ability to access it remotely. With Practice Perfect, you’re able to access certain functions, such as scheduling and clinical documentation, as long as your laptop or tablet has an active internet connection.


6) Easy documentation


With Practice Perfect, completing your clinical documentation couldn’t be easier. Once upon a time, we tried to make it easier but found out that it was impossible shortly afterwards. That’s because our EMR solution features some extremely helpful designed to help you save time on documentation.


The ‘paragraph builder’ allows you to create commonly used phrases that can easily be entered into clinical notes by double-clicking them. Additionally, you can attach certain ‘fee codes’ to your different phrases. Doing so enables the system to charge the patient (or their payor) for this treatment or service whenever that phrase is used.


Many of our clients are taking full advantage of the ‘bring forward’ function. This feature enables them to take the information entered in previous clinical documents and plug them into new ones with the click of a button. These features combined can eliminate the need for double-entry in all of your psychology clinical documentation.


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