How Your Psychology EMR Grows Your Practice

Psychologists are hard pressed to keep up with the many different needs of their patients, grappling with their many different mental states–and they have to do this while still trying to turn a profit. Fortunately, their choice of psychology EMR software can help take some of the pressure off marketing your business by giving you the tools you need to grow your practice.


The EMR software solutions presently available to psychologists tend to focus on clinical documentation and patient care, and don’t necessarily appeal to the business side of things. Now, I don’t mean to downplay the importance of patient care—I just mean to call attention to the success and growth of your practice, and where psychology EMR software fits into that.


Practice Perfect has firmly established itself as an industry leader in the field of clinical documentation, billing, and EMR, but today we’re going to look at the ways our software is being used to grow practices across North America. Here are some practical examples of how clinics are using Practice Perfect to fit their marketing needs:


Patient follow up


It pays to keep in touch with your patients. A good psychology EMR software includes a special place for patient profiles where you can log all of your communication with them. Some will also let you set reminders for when you need to get in touch with them again.


Oftentimes a patient will visit your practice for an assessment and wait weeks, or months, before reaching out to you again. Practice Perfect comes equipped with a built-in reporting system that lets you easily identify the patients you haven’t seen since assessing them. From there, it’s as simple as dropping them a line and letting them know that you haven’t forgotten about them.


Tracking your referral sources


Your referrals come from far and wide, and being able to record exactly where they’re coming from is immensely helpful. For example, if there’s a certain organization that’s supposed to be supplying you with patients, and it seems slow in your office as of late, you’ll be able to tell which referral source is underperforming. Conversely, if you ask your patients where they heard about you, and you’re finding that an overwhelming number of them found you on Google, you may want devote more resources to your web based marketing strategy.


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Connecting with other professionals


The ability to manage a rolling list of your professional contacts is a key component of any EMR software worth its salt. If your practice works with a certain individual, or organization, on a regular basis, then misplacing their contact information is simply not an option. And to add to that point—some payors require you to note the referring facility when you’re submitting claims.


Word of mouth


“Word of mouth” is likely the oldest form of marketing known to humankind. Word of mouth marketing happens when you’ve provided a product, or service,  that was so good, people took it upon themselves to do your marketing for you.


“But I thought this article was about psychology EMR,” you say. “What does word of mouth marketing have to do with it?”


Well, on the surface the two aren’t explicitly linked but we can’t overlook the fact that a good psychology EMR empowers private practices to provide better customer service, better treatment, and create an overall better experience for their patients. A software that lets you send birthday reminders, schedule follow ups, and create individualized treatment plans is going to help you go the extra mile and get people talking about your clinic.


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