7 Reasons Why PTs Need a Good EMR Software

There are plenty of good reasons why your physical therapy EMR software needs to be reliable, but in this article we’re just going to take a look at 7 of them:


 1) It’s your digital assistant


Your physical therapy EMR software essentially takes on the role of your digital assistant. It can record your appointments, set reminders, and log all of your communication with a patients and payors alike. ReminderCall, one of Practice Perfect’s add-ons, even lets you send out automated appointment reminders and birthday calls to enhance your patient compliance.


2) It’s your digital bookkeeper


The best physical therapy EMR software not only gives you a way to cut down on paper usage, but it makes tracking key information like accounts receivable easier and more efficient. And on top of that, you won’t ever need to fear an audit again once you’ve gotten into the habit of leveraging your EMR software’s electronic billing capabilities–every monetary transaction can be traced back to it.


 3) It’s where you keep your patient information


Every single one of your patients is in a unique situation. A good physical therapy EMR software pays heed to this and includes separate client profiles for each patient. In effect, their client records give you a place where you can record the specific details of their ailments, their treatment, and their progress. Simply put, your EMR software can help you provide your patients with better care.


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4) It’s where you keep your payor information


Like your patients, payors are unique unto themselves too. A good PT EMR software allows you to create profiles for every individual payor and record key data like their contact information, their billing preferences, and their adjusters. Insurance claims can be denied if the submission doesn’t fit the payor’s billing preferences (e.g. you billed them in hours when they wished to be billed in units) which is why it’s ever so important to use an EMR software that lets you record this kind of information.


5) It’s how you organize your staff


If your clinic employs multiple providers, you’re going to need to keep tabs on them. Your providers may work different hours, they may work at different locations, and they may provide different types of treatment. A well-rounded physical therapy EMR software like gives you an opportunity to house all of this information under one roof so you aren’t scrambling to find out what everyone is up to.


6) It’s how you integrate with outside software and systems


Whether your clinic is located in Canada or the U.S., the need to communicate with external software and systems remains the same. Say for instance you need to create a custom form that’s specific to a payor, but you don’t have time to continually fill it out over and over again. EMR software like Practice Perfect lets you create customized forms in Microsoft Word and save the templates within Practice Perfect. From there, reproducing your customized document is as simple as pressing ‘OK’.


7) It’s how you run the perfect practice


All of the above factors work in sync to help you run the perfect practice. Our physical therapy EMR software was designed to help you take time away from the minutia and give time back to treating patients. When used properly, Practice Perfect will not only help you build better relationships with your patients, but it will enable you to create unforgettable experiences.

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