Update: Introducing the Software Release Center

As with most technology-based companies, updates are frequent, and at best, routine. Generally speaking, these updates focus on improvements. Software companies in particular record these improvements in their release notes.


Up until now, Practice Perfect has been creating standalone webpages to accompany each of our software updates. We’ve acknowledged the fact that this isn’t the most user friendly practice, and have changed how we will be organizing our future release notes.


Welcome to the Practice Perfect Software Release Center


The Software Release Centre is home to the release notes for Version R436 (released August 7, 2015) onward. The webpage includes several tabs that make sorting through the notes as easy as possible:


Release Listing


The master list of all software release notes from August 7, 2015 onward.


Releases by Number Range


Enter a version number range to generate a list of all the release notes in between those two versions.


Releases by Date Range


Enter a date range to generate a list of all the release notes published between those two dates.


Releases by Category


Select a category to see the specific release notes related to that category. For example, you can select a category like ‘Clients’, ‘Scheduler’, or ‘Clinical Documentation/EMR’ and you will see all of the individual notes pertaining to those category, regardless of which update they belong to.


Contact Support


And as always, if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, our support department is happy to address them for you.


Click here to access the Practice Perfect update webpage

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