9 Ways Practice Perfect Grows Your Practice

Practice Perfect does more than give you a place to store your client information and help you submit claims. When used to its full potential, our EMR software can help you grow your practice, too. In this article, we’ll be sharing 9 tips for using Practice Perfect to grow your practice:


1) Client Profiles


‘Client Profile’s are the beating heart of an EMR software. They contain your patients’ DOB, the details surrounding their injury, and key information about their insurance coverage. They even let you know if they’re receiving insurance coverage under their guardian’s or their spouse’s plan. That said, Client Profiles are an important feature that serve as the basis for your clinic’s ability to submit claims to insurers.


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2) Reminders


If you’re working at a private practice clinic, then you’re well aware of the fact that a lot can happen in a day. And when there’s a lot of stuff happening around you, some tasks are bound to fall by the wayside. If you want to minimize the chances of this happening, it’s helpful to create reminders for yourself and other staff members. For example, some of our more forgetful therapists like to create reminders for themselves to complete their SOAP notes after seeing a patient.


Click here to find out how to add a reminder in Practice Perfect.


3) Contact Logs


‘Contact Logs’ enable you to record the details of every conversation that your staff members have with patients, payors, insurance carriers, or any other business with whom your clinic communicates. These conversations may include vital details about your patients’ insurance coverage that you can’t afford to misplace. Fortunately, Practice Perfect’s ‘Contact Logs’ make it easy.


Click here to watch our tutorial video on how to use the Contact Log.


4) Claims Submissions


Healthcare claims submissions are what enable your clinic to make money. But claims submissions can be complicated. Every payor has different requirements, and keeping track of them is a royal pain. Practice Perfect simplifies claims submissions by allowing you to create a wide array of invoice styles, as well as setting up required fields, directly inside the software. For example, if you’re a Canadian clinic using Practice Perfect for claims submissions, you can submit your claims to regional healthcare programs like OHIP and Teleplan using Practice Perfect. If you’re an American clinic, we can prepare special invoices like EDI’s and HCFA’s and help you submit them, too!


5) Canned Reports


One of the keys to running a successful business is tracking your progress. For instance, if you’re experiencing a surge in business, or if things are slower than usual, it’ll be important to understand why. Gone are the days of throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.


In Practice Perfect, this key operational data can be obtained running a report. Canned reports like the ‘Referral Trend Report’ can tell you where your revenue is coming from, while the ‘Unbilled Services’ report will help you ensure that you don’t forget to include any treatments or services rendered in your claims submissions.


6) Integrated Addons


In addition to integrating with several major regional healthcare plans, Practice Perfect is able to integrate with a few different third-party addons, too.  These include Physiotec Home Exercise Software, X-Charge Integrated Credit and Debit Card Processing, and Reminder Call Automated Voice and Text Reminders.


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7) Use your Waiting List


When a patient calls your clinic with a specific date and time that they’d like to schedule an appointment, and the that time is currently unavailable, that doesn’t mean that you should hang up the phone and tell them to try again later. Instead, you should add them to your ‘Waiting List’.


Practice Perfect features a ‘Waiting List’ where you can enter details about a patient’s desired appointment date, time, and provider. Then, the software will automatically notify you when that opening becomes available so you can book an appointment with the patient immediately, and make sure that you don’t miss out on any potential revenue.


8) Online Integration


These days a lot of clinics are concerned about their ability to access their EMR online. Regardless of whether it’s web-based or locally installed, they want to be able to access it from wherever they are all the same. And while Practice Perfect is indeed a locally-installed software, we’ve made it possible to access client records, clinical documentation, and most other components of the software online.


To find out how you can setup remote access, contact our support department today.


9) Support for Different Disciplines


Do you work in a multi-disciplinary clinic where your therapists are seeing different types of patients all of the time? Or do you work in a growing practice that is thinking of hiring a therapist that represents a different discipline? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, then your choice of EMR software will be instrumental in ensuring the growth of your practice.


The best EMR software, like Practice Perfect, make it easier to manage multiple disciplines. For instance, we’ve created a helpful feature called ‘Divisions’. These ‘Divisions’ can be used to categorize your patients for billing and scheduling purposes.


Imagine that all of your physical therapy patients are billed together, and  occupational therapy patients are billed separately–you can use ‘Divisions’ to neatly categorize your patients and easily prepare your invoices for them.