Much like any other list in Practice Perfect, you can view, modify and delete 'Reminders' as you would clients, payors, etc. To bring the Reminder List to the screen for modification, click the 'Reminders' from the 'Operations' menu. The following screen will appear:



All 'Reminders' are listed on this view which is called the Reminders Listing. The reminders are listed in order of their next occurrence – in order of when they are scheduled to next appear.


To add a new reminder, click on the New  icon found in the Quick Bar. A box similar to the following will appear:



There are two types of reminders that you may wish to enter. The first is a one-time reminder, the second is a recurring reminder.


Adding a one-time reminder:


Move your mouse to the Date field and select the date on which you wish this reminder to appear. Remember, you can use the [15] icon to bring up a calendar from which you can select a specific date. You may also use phrases such as tomorrow, today or next tuesday if you wish when selecting a date.


Using TAB moves to the Time field. Enter a specific time for the reminder to appear to the nearest 5 minute interval (eg; 9:00, 9:05).


Next, enter the actual text of the reminder.


Hint: Do you want the reminder to appear first thing in the morning when you turn the computer on? Set the time prior to the opening of the practice (eg; 5:00am) and the reminder will pop-up when you first start your computer.


Next, you can decide who this reminder is for – such as yourself, someone else in your facility or everyone in your facility or another within your enterprise. If the reminder is for yourself, make sure that the Specific User circle is ticked and that your name appears to the right. The example above indicates that the message is for a specific user named ‘Practice Perfect’.


If the reminder was specifically for someone else, tick on Specific User and, using the drop-down list, select the user in question.


Finally, if you wish this reminder to go out to everyone within a specific location (or your own), select the All Users at function and select the specific location.


If the reminder has been entered correctly, click on the  OK  button and it will ‘pop-up’ at the appropriate time. To cancel the operation, click on the Cancel button.


Adding a recurring reminder:


Enter the ‘remainder’ text and then click on the Advanced box to bring up the Recurring Reminder Options screen:



You now have several different options as to when this reminder will recur. Notice that there are four circles appearing next to each option. You must select one of these items by clicking within the circle and completing the criteria fields located to the right of that particular option. The various options are as follows:


Only remind me once: This is another way of setting up a one-time reminder.This reminder will not recur if this box is ticked.


Remind me on these days of the week:  A reminder that recurs only on specific days of the week regardless of the date.


Remind me on the ## day of each month: A reminder that recurs only on specific days of the month regardless of the day of the week.


Remind me on every month, dayAn annual recurring reminder occurring on the same date each year (eg; Christmas, New Years)


Select and tick the option that best represents the recurrence and complete the information to its right as follows:


In the case of Days of the Week, move your mouse to within the appropriate boxes and click on the appropriate days.


In all other cases, use a number where appropriate (as in the date within a month such as the 15th) or make your selection from the drop-down lists that will appear on the various fields.


Once you have made the appropriate recurrence selections, click on either OK  to store the reminder and make it active or Cancel to cancel and remove the entry.

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