Event: Paul Wright’s Canadian Freedom Blueprint Was a Smashing Success

Last week, Paul Wright wrapped up his whirlwind tour of Canada. During his visit, he stopped by Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. I was fortunate enough to see him in Toronto, and it was an event to be remembered.


The Canadian Freedom Blueprint was divided into two sessions. The first was dubbed the “Mastermind Workshop.” This small, intimate workshop gave a handful of clinic owners an opportunity to discuss how they’d like to improve upon the business aspect of their clinic. When sitting in the “Hot Seat”, they recounted their experiences, everyone had a chance to offer suggestions on how they can overcome their unique challenges.


Everyone at the Mastermind Workshop had one thing in common: They needed to spend less time treating patients, and more time building their business. This is because as a clinic owner, treating patients is no longer your number one priority. And this can be a tough concept for an owner wrap their minds around when treating patients was how they were first introduced to the industry.


Instead of spending 80 hours a week seeing patients one-on-one, Paul encouraged attendees to hire and train new staff members, implement new systems for streamlining the process, and spend less time overseeing the day-to-day operations of the clinic, and more time focusing on the big picture.


On Saturday, a much larger group of clinic owners got together to listen to Paul speak at a lecture style event. Over the course of his conversation, the sponsors, including Practice Perfect, Clinic Supplies Canada, The Orthotic Group, Cardon Rehab, and thePrivate Practice Division of the CPA.


During Paul’s presentation, he spent a lot of time discussing the importance of tracking metrics. He used a proprietary tool called the One Minute Practice to do so. Whether logging profit and loss, staying on top if follow up calls, or establishing 90 day goals, Paul’s platform provides an intuitive way to log this information, and ultimately, grow your practice.


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